PostHeaderIcon What To Expect After A Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is a very commonly practiced surgery and it’s mostly needed in older people and in women more, than men. The average recovery time in the hospital after a knee replacement surgery is about a week or 5 days. The main hassle starts at home where one has to get accustomed to the pain of recovery and manage to handle it in the most feasible manner possible. But the good news is that more than 97% of people who undergo knee replacement surgery recover wonderfully after the procedure.

For the first few days, you would have to walk with parallel bars and after that you would have to use some kind of walking help device like crutches. But with the pain meds and physiotherapy and exercise, you should be able to recover fast and soon with minimal pain. Whenever you feel like giving up, just think how after this pain, you will never feel the initial pain for which you had the surgery.

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