PostHeaderIcon What is multiple personality disorder?

Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD is a mental illness that is chronic in nature. A person suffering from MPD has more two or more than personalities that have their unique characteristics. The person’s behavior is affected by these personalities and its looks as if there are many people residing in one person! MPD is prevalent in women more than men.

Causes are often deep seated in their minds. They might have been victims of child abuse that had led them to make a world around them and dissociate themselves from reality to get rid of the intense pain. Thoughts and emotions are killed by dissociation and so the child is completely unaware of the situation.

Psychotherapy via hypnosis is an important treatment for Multiple Personality Disorder. Antidepressants and hospitalization are other means to control this illness. Treatment in any form is s must as it aggravates if not looked after professionally.

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