PostHeaderIcon What is Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis?

nullEosinophilic Gastroenteritis is a rare illness that involves the inner lining of the stomach, large intestine and small intestines whereby they become infiltrated by eosinophilis. Eosinophilis is a form of white blood cell. If you are affected by this condition, it can easily spread to other body organs and it is common in children and adults. Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis has several symptoms which includes abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

There is no known cause of eosinophilis gastroenteritis and the good thing is that this condition can be treated. One of the treatment measures is the use of corticosteroid medications and they are the most effective in treating this disease. This disease is diagnosed by taking the biopsy of the stomach tissue, large intestine tissue and small intestines tissue to detect whether you have the disease. Once you notice any of the above symptoms, it is advisable that you see your doctor immediately for treatment

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