PostHeaderIcon What is bruxism?

Bruxism is the grinding of teeth that occurs in both adults and kids. Clenching of teeth due to anger is not bruxism. It is a serious problem that may lead to strong headaches, jaw discord and even damage the teeth. This may occur when one is sleeping and also during the day. Cause of bruxism may even be stress and so try to relieve stress through various means. But it is not easy to decide on your own if you are suffering form bruxism, so it is better to leave that task on a dentist himself.

The dentist fits a mouth guard in the patient’s mouth to stop bruxism. Besides, you may follow these tips to stop grinding:
• Avoid colas, chocolates, alcohol and coffee.
• Avoid chewing pencils or chewing gum.
• Also give hot compress on ears and cheeks to loosen them.

These may help you deals with the problem alongside your dentist’s advice.

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