PostHeaderIcon Top 3 diseases infants are prone to have

diseases infantsInfants are very prone to a number of diseases. Since the resistance power in the infants is not that much developed, so are they prone to the diseases. You should immediately consult a child specialist as soon as you see the signs and symptoms of some disease.

The infants are very often prone to cough and cold. A simple exposure to weather change will make your infant prone to cough and cold. You can spot the cough coming out from the nose followed by continuous cold and throat irritation.

The cough and cold is most of the cases is followed by fever. The body temperature rises up immediately to an extremely high level.

Indigestion and irregular bowels is another disease with the infants. Your infant may cry very often due to stomach ache caused by indigestion. You should consult a doctor as soon as you see any of these symptoms before it takes a serious form.

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