PostHeaderIcon Tips to lift kettle bell properly

The kettle bell exercises are one of the ancient and most practiced forms of exercise. The kettle bells appear as kettle without spout. A lot of things can be achieved while doing exercises with the kettle bells. But before you start doing so you need to know few things to avoid any sort of possible injuries. Choosing the correct weight kettle bell is the first and foremost thing. the kettle bells are available in a weight range of 4-150 pounds. If you are a beginner, then too heavy a weight can prove harmful for you so it is better than you take some low weight.

While lifting kettle bells keep your body weight balanced with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Don’t raise your heels or you will not feel the pressure at the correct point. Try keeping your back straight rather than arching it. Arching of your back cause sprain in the spinal cord or the intervertebrae. Avoid hyperextension of your joints. While lifting kettle bell, stretch your shoulders and arms up to that which possible for you. Hyper extension can cause severe injuries to your body.

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