PostHeaderIcon Tips to avoid getting razor bumps

Razor bumps are actually ingrown hair that causes red swellings on the face, especially due to incorrect shaving. Often, when one shaves, the hair might get cut at an awkward angle and then grow back into the skin, leading to this condition. Quite painful, razor bumps could also be caused by using dull blades or using the razor in an improper manner.

A few tips, however, can be followed to avoid getting razor bumps on the skin –

Apply shaving cream and let it remain on the area to be shaved for a few minuted before you start shaving.
Try using single blade razors, since the new-fangled three or four blade razors are truly not that effective and can have excess deposit sticking to the blades making shaving a difficult thing
Change your razor blades, regularly, at least once a week. Dull blades can lead to more razor bumps.
Never stretch the skin while shaving, since the hair might snap back and lead to bumps. Let your skin be relaxed when you shave.
The last but almost the most important tip, try to avoid shaving n a daily basis if you are prone to razor bumps.

Always try to remember that softer hair, relaxed skin and sharp blades are best for shaving and will always help you be razor bump free.

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