PostHeaderIcon Tips on knee twisting exercise

Twisted knees are more or less common for athletes who undergo a lot of stress on their knees during their activities and land in mishaps. This can occur in case of strains, falls or even slips. Twisted knee is very painful and even when fixed tend to be swollen for quite a period of time.

A simple strain increases the recovery time during this period and so the leg is best kept rested at all times. Twisted knees when recommended for exercise by the doctor after the swelling disappears reduces the recovery time on the other hand. The exercises should be prescribed by a practiced physiotherapist as per the conditions of the knee. In order to reduce swelling right after the injury ice can be applied in the region to increase blood flow and less of internal bleeding. Even keeping the knee at a higher level prevents it from swelling. Once the swelling goes away the exercises such as leg lifts and straight lifts should be done along with other leg exercises to just strengthen the knee joint further.

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