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Maintain blood sugar, blood sugarHolidays are a period where no one maintains a good food diet. The eating habits are disturbed and sometimes result into a bad diet. With a bad eating habit one has the chance of getting a disease. One of the major diseases in the present situation is low sugar problem. This disease is dangerous as no one in the world seems to get the signs of the low blood sugar disease. If you are able to understand the symptoms of low blood sugar then you can easily cure this disease.

Here are some of the symptoms and signs that the low blood sugar produces in the human body. Feeling confused and uneasy is one of the symbol that one gets from low blood sugar. Apart from this your legs may also shake. If the sugar level drops drastically then the skin becomes whitish giving you the symbol of lower level of sugar in blood. So next time if you feel these symbols make sure you test your sugar levels.

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