PostHeaderIcon Stay Healthy with Green Tea

Green TeaOne of the best and the most popular drink and that has also proved to be healthy is the green tea. This is very beneficial for your health. You must make it a point to drink at least two cups a day otherwise you will miss out the opportunity of leading a healthy life. Here mentioned are a few top reasons as to why you should consume green tea on a regular basis.

a) Cures Cancer: It is very effective in reducing cancer and also reduces the risk of entrance of cancer cells in your body. Green tea has high level of anti oxidant content in it, which is much more effective than Vitamin C AND Vitamin E. Hence is protects your blood cells from all sorts of damage.
b) Cures Heart Diseases: It is also very effective in lowering the cholesterol level in your body. This in turn helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases and strokes. Even if you suffer from any such ailments, green tea will help you to recover quickly and prevent the death of cells.
c) Anti-aging: Green tea also has some antioxidants which are known as Polyphenol. This antioxidant works against aging. Its content is very high in green tea. Nowadays people spend a lot of money for buying creams that has this property in it. So it is much preferable to drink green tea instead of applying a tube of cream on your face.
d) Helps in losing weight: There are a lot of people who are now much worried about their weight. To them green tea is a very good choice. It increases the mobilization process naturally and burns out the useless or unwanted fat from your body.
e) For your skin: Green tea also helps in removing fine lines and wrinkles from your face. It also protects your skin from sun rays.

PostHeaderIcon Taking Care of Your Skin

skin careAs skin has been considered the largest organ in our body it gives a natural gaze to our personality. A spot free and shiny skin helps to retain your confidence. It has been said that having a beautiful skin is one of the most important necessity of human beings. Some basic tips that you can apply at home to make your skin look good and glamorous without any hard work is just to follow these tips.

Include fresh season fruits in your diet that can help you to feel fresh and energetic and the result shows on your face.

Avoid chocolate as far as possible as it is a bad component for skin. Instead you can eat some snacks for evening.

Drink 2 liters of water as far as possible to keep your skin glowing and hydrated.
If you find that your skin is dry and it is also itchy then you should have more of vitamin A as it increases the skin softness and helps to built up certain skin tissues.

Due to stress lack of sleep and poor diet you tend to lose the glaze of your skin. Sleep at least 8 hours remove stress relax yourself after work as it increases your skin quality.

Consuming fast food makes your skin dull and unattractive. Try to avoid them and eat green vegetables instead to regain your skin quality.

Apply only those products which are for your skin type. Avoid skin care products as it makes your skin rough. It adds glow to your face for a certain span of time but after that it negatively reacts your skin pores.

Following these tips and taking a balanced diet in your routine can help you to make your skin look lustrous and flawless.

PostHeaderIcon Getting rid of hair loss problems

hair loss problemsIt is best to deal with hair loss positively, smartly, confidently and effectively. There are a number of people who get totally paranoid when hair loss starts happening at an alarming rate. It is in these moments that you need to stay calm and plan out what to do next. In today’s times hair loss is happening at a massive rate, the main reason being pollution. Apart from this the monotonous and tiring everyday life of people leading to unhealthy diet and strains and tensions people often suffer from hair loss.

The smartest way for healthy and strong hair is to keep it natural. Follow a healthy regime as far as exercise and diet is concerned. Drink lots of water, a minimum of 10 glasses every day. Oiling the hair with olive oil, castor oil or coconut oil is surely a great option too. A massage following the oiling for about 10 minutes releases the skull of pressure and makes the head feel good too. This massaging also controls hair fall to an extent. Hot oil therapy is very important. Hot oil seeps into the skull better and more easily. To rejuvenate the passive cells of the head, vibration therapy seems to be ideal.

There are times when excessive hair loss happens when a person is suffering from a disease and is under medication. The medication may backfire causing side effects. This should not get you worried; you may go to the doctor and ask for alternative medicines. Minoksidil is one drug which can be really effective at treating the hair loss problems. It is also a very common thing to buy some pills and have them for stopping hair loss. The market has a whole variety of them. If it still doesn’t help then going to a dermatologist sure will. Some therapies and you’ll be sorted.

PostHeaderIcon Stay Younger Naturally

stay youngerNowadays there is a variety of ant aging creams and lotions available in the market with an array of advertisements to promote those. It is still advisable not to go for them but to use more conventional methods which obviously are a solution to every problem whatsoever. Conventional methods are more difficult to follow making it easier for these creams to take over in the market. Here are a few ways in which you can keep your body healthy, young and fresh the natural way:


Exercise enables all the body parts to be flexible and in shape as the years pass by. A routine exercise session of 30 minutes every day early morning would ensure a glowing skin and a healthy life. Regular exercise enables the blood circulation to increase hence making you less susceptible to crippled health. Exercise has an effect on your complexion too making it look fresh and glowing.

Healthy diet:

Your everyday diet should constitute of a compromising number of water, fruits and vegetable, especially the green leafy ones. Water makes sure that the harmful toxins are not withheld in the body for long. A minimum of 8 glasses of water is a must-have. A healthy diet means the intake of a minimum of 5 veggie and fruit serving and 3 whole grains serving per day to keep you young and healthy. This ensures that the vitamins and minerals that the body needs is sufficiently provided.

Stop smoking:

Tobacco consumption makes your lungs weak and you susceptible to various kinds of diseases snatching away the years even before its really time. Moreover it makes your skin lose all its moisture with the eruption of unwanted wrinkles that make you look older than you really are.

The above given tips will definitely help you keep young and glowing.

PostHeaderIcon Foods for fab Hair

Foods for fab HairA healthy mane is surely the most desired- the bouncy trussed add on the needed glam quotient to your beauty, accentuating it by a great extent. You must know that a well-nourished hair is not only dependent on oil massages or spa but in fact you have to nourish yourself from within to achieve those copious strands. There are certain foods that must be included in the diet for a healthy bounce. The article below is a brief on the food that can guarantees a fantastic mane for you.

Salmon is one of the most essential foods to achieve the fabulous tresses. The fish is enriched in Vitamin D and protein, both of which are excellent for copious tresses. But most importantly salmon is a great hub for Omega 3 fatty acid that the body requires to grow the tresses. If the salmon fish isn’t your pick, you can go for trout, sardines & mackerel.

Then, you have the walnuts. Much like salmon, walnuts too contain Omega 3 acids and hence would have amazing effect when you are trying for envious locks. Apart from Omega 3, walnuts also carry Vitamin E & biotin that altogether prevent any sort of DNA damage in the hair cells. Besides, the copper content in walnut preserves the natural color of your mane.
You mustn’t miss out on eggs when you are trying for great hair. Eggs come packed with 4 vital minerals such as selenium, zinc, iron and sulfur. Among these, iron is the most important as it assists the cells to carry oxygen towards hair follicles & decrease in iron content from the body is one of the major reasons behind los s of hair. Other than egg, you must also count on animal sources with enriched iron like pork, fish, chicken & beef.

PostHeaderIcon Dry Skin: How To Get Rid Of It?

Dry SkinOnly a few people have skin that is normal. Majority of the people have oily skin, dry skin or a combination of both these types. Dry skin is also known as Xeroderma and symptoms of dry skin is scaling. Skin becomes dry not because there is lack of oil in your skin but because there is lack of water in your skin. Exposure to cold, wind, sun, bathing using harsh soaps, the use of chemicals and cosmetics can have a bad effect on your skin by causing Xeroderma. Sometimes dry skin is caused because of genetic conditions as well.

Whenever you have a bath ensure that your skin is dried thoroughly and gently by you. Pat your skin while drying and avoid rubbing it at all costs. The soaps you use for bathing must not be harsh but mild. Even the body wash you utilize must be mild. You must make sure that your digestive system works well because normally a bad digestive system has a negative influence on the health of the skin. Drink huge amounts of water on a regular basis. Always eat nutritious and healthy food. Along with this you must exercise daily to foster good flow of blood and nutrients all throughout your body.
Moisturize your dry skin using well-known branded moisturizer.

Branded cream and lotions can also be applied on your dry skin to make it softer and smoother. Coconut oil can be very good for your dry skin. So make it a point to apply it regularly. You can make face packs at home using fruits such as banana, peach, papaya etc. Face packs made out of avocado are also very effective on dry skin. Remember that dry skin cannot be cured permanently. But efforts should be made by you to make your skin look beautiful and glowing always.

PostHeaderIcon Exploring the many health benefits of Vitamin C

benefits of Vitamin Cbenefits of Vitamin CVitamin C is one of the most potential vitamins for the body. The water-soluble vitamin is present in good proportions in a wide platter fruits and veggies including broccoli, parsley, strawberries, lemon juice, orange, kale, cauliflower, papaya etc. The post here is a short note on the many health benefits of vitamin C.

First of all, Vitamin C is a great defender against common cold. The very vitamin improves the immunity caliber of the body, strengthening it to battle against the viruses, bacteria & infection. It works as a super antihistamine which can minimize the occurrence of common cold & its regular side-kicks such as stuffy nose, aches and inflammation. A good dose of the vitamin will keep you guarded from infection attacks and would also serve to ensure healthy bones & teeth. Moreover, Vitamin C prepares your to quickly recover from the wounds.

Then, it’s to note here that Vitamin C is a wonderful anti-oxidant. It shields the body from the free radicals which lead to oxidative stress. You must know that excess oxidative stress can result in grave medical situations like atherosclerosis which can lead to cardiac arrest & stroke. Besides, it can even lead different cancers – all of these are prevented by Vitamin C consumption that further helps in regeneration of another helpful antioxidant Vitamin E. Moreover, vitamin C can lower down the blood pressure and assures appropriate dilation of the blood vessels that hinders the endangering conditions like congestive cardiac failure, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis as well as angina pectoris.

Then, it’s to stress here that Vitamin C helps to prevent cataracts. The human eye lens needs the Vitamin C for effective functioning and a deficiency here results in cataracts. A good consumption of the Vitamin C can battle cataracts by enhancing blood flow into the eye.

PostHeaderIcon Natural ways to get rid of sun tan

get rid of sun tanAre you worried about your tanned skin? Daily and consistent exposure to sun is harmful for the skin, creating an unwanted dark patch over it. It could be that you have some special occasion coming up shortly where you have to look your fairer self that might be hampered from all tanned aura. However, nothing to worry- there are some really effective ways that can help you to get rid of sun tan really fast. The post here presents a short brief on some natural and easy home made tan negating remedies that can ensure a satisfactory result sans any kind of side effects.

1. You can make a pack of rosewater mixed with lemon juice & cucumber juice. Apply the pack on your face & other tanned areas on the body. You should that lemon juice is enriched in citric acid which helps in removing your tan & the other two ingredients act as cooling agents.
2. Lemon juice mixed with honey would also work as a fantastic remedy for tan removal.
3. Another fantastic pack to remove sun tan would be a blend of buttermilk and oats. The mixture has to be rubbed on your tanned areas. Oats will work to exfoliate the skin surface & buttermilk application will assure a soothing coat post the exfoliation.
4. You can even mix up lemon juice with turmeric and raw milk. Apply the mixture on the tanned skin and let it rest till the pack gets dried up. Then, wash it off with cool water.
5. Aloe Vera is fantastic to get rid off the dark tans within as fast as 7 days. Apply the Aloe gel directly onto the tanned surface everyday for the timely results. However, if you are using aloe vera everyday, make sure to count on a good sunscreen lotion while going out in the sun.

PostHeaderIcon Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

Diet During PregnancyIt is the most amazing feeling in the world when you are about to become a mom. The happiness that you feel is indescribable and out of the world. But during pregnancy you have to be aware of the fact that you are eating not only to satisfy your needs but also to satisfy your baby’s needs. The baby gets nourishment from the food that is consumed by the mother. Thus you must eat nutritious and healthy food to keep your baby and yourself safe from any danger.

Nutrients should be consumed in the right amounts. During the nine months of pregnancy stay away from oily and fatty foods because these will just increase your weight and provide no health benefit as such. In order to avoid weight gain during the pregnancy period you should not start dieting as that will be harmful for your fetus and you. If empty calories are consumed then your baby will have a birth weight that is low and therefore it will be susceptible to a number of health problems.

Make use of the food pyramid to understand which food should be included in your healthy pregnancy diet. Cereals and breads can be consumed since these provide fibers, minerals and vitamins. Vegetables and fruits must be eaten by you when you are pregnant because these provide essential vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid etc to the baby and you. Proteins are also important since these help in cell development in the fetus. Sugars and fats must be consumed in moderation or avoided all together.

The number of times you eat during the day must be increased so that the whole day your baby receives sufficient amount of nutrients. But though the frequency of eating will increase the quantity must be more or less moderate each time you eat.

PostHeaderIcon Dealing With Excessive Hair Loss

Excessive Hair LossHair loss is a very common problem that most of the people are facing today. The main reason behind the hair loss is the increased level of pollution in the world these days. Along with that the other reasons for hair loss are the unhealthy lifestyle of the majority of the people and stress and strains of life. Dealing with excessive hair loss is not that easy. Hair loss can be something that some of the people cannot bear at all. This article will help you deal with your hair loss effectively and confidently.

Oiling your hair regularly with either coconut or olive oil is extremely important. Oil therapy with hot oil is a must. Plus you can have the vibration therapy done as well to reactivate the passive cells of your hair. If you are suffering from some major disease then the hair loss might be a part and parcel of that disease. So ensure that you take your medicines on time. You might also be having excessive hair loss because of the side effects of the medicines you take. Thus talk to your doctor and get your medicines changed.

The market today is flooded with lots of pills that stop hair fall and help in hair growth. You can surely buy and try out some of the pills. But make sure that the pills do not have other major side effects. One drug that is really effective is Minoksidil. It not only promotes hair growth but increases hair strength as well. If nothing really works then you must visit a well-known dermatologist. Your hair will be accessed by the dermatologists who will provide a convenient therapeutic treatment for your hair loss problem.

Generally you must try and stay healthy always. Drink lots of water and eat nutritious food. Once you start living a healthy life, the hair loss will reduce considerably.