PostHeaderIcon Importance of Hepatitis C diagnosis

Diagnosis of Hepatitis C, Hepatitis CThe process of identification of the virus of Hepatitis C can be based on the amplification of the strands of DNA. By this, one would be able to get an idea or an estimate of the NANB hepatitis agent, which is the most frequent. The first allowing of the ELISA that detects the antibodies of anti-HCV had a number of results that were falsely positive and there was a requirement of certain developments of assays that are more specific and sensitive so that the results can be confirmed.

It is important that the diagnosis of the virus of the hepatitis C be done in a proper fashion. The virus, if not attended can get severe and result in a fatal end. However, by proper diagnosis and thorough medication, the affects of the virus can be subdued and one can be completely recovered from the illness. Therefore, it is very important that the disease be treated well.

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