PostHeaderIcon How to treat exopthalemic goiter

Tips to treat exopthalemic goiter, cause of GoiterWhen the thyroid gland starts to swell it connotes Goiter. It is found mostly in women however men are also susceptible to it. It can be caused by dint of iodine deficiency or may be triggered by malignant tumour. The result of consuming a particular drug which doctors depression is also thought to be the cause of Goiter. However, in every case and for every individual the doctor should be the only person to be consulted and his guidance to be followed.

To advise any kind of treatment will not be a good act as it is the doctor who is capable for the same. However recent study has lead to the conclusion that there are several treatment available like:
1. Anti thyroid drugs, a) methimazole, b) carbimazole, c) propylthiouricil
2. Radioactive treatment
3. Thyroid surgery
4. Beta-blockers
5. Management of Grave’s ophthalmopathy

The first step in any treatment is correct diagnosis.

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