PostHeaderIcon How to prevent fungal infection on your feet

fungal infection ,Disorders & DiseasesFungal infection in feet is a problem that might work you up to 8-10 months even undergoing treatment. These fungal infections in toenails and feet are extremely contagious. Walking barefoot or sharing the same shower with an infected person might lead you to the same problem. It is better to prevent any kind of fungal infection than taking the painful time for it to clear.

  1. Clean your foot regularly. Wash thoroughly between the toe nails.
  2. Use sandals and flip-flops wherever possible. Even inside the house, wear slippers to keep your feet breathing and clean.
  3. Bleach the shower weekly and keep the bathroom doormat and rugs clean and dry as much as possible.
  4. Use anti-fungal powder or spray inside your shoe. If your feet sweat a lot, use anti-perspirant.
  5. Cut your toenails cleanly and cautiously, careful not to expose or cut the delicate skin under the nails.
  6. Put the shoes under sun once a week.

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