PostHeaderIcon How to give bath to your baby

Bathing your newborn baby is definitely one of the best experiences in the world but it is by no means the easiest. If you are not very confident about giving your baby a bath, here is some advice that will help you.

Put your baby on a flat but soft surface, on top of a towel. Wrap your baby in such a way that only the areas that will be washed are exposed. To clean your baby’s face properly you should use a washcloth that has been dipped in warm water. Use your finger to wipe the baby’s eye. Pour little baby soap on wet washcloth and gently rub it over all the areas you want to clean, one at a time. Clean the genital area last. Now dip another washcloth into lukewarm water and rinse all the areas until all the lather has been removed. Use baby shampoo to gently wash the head.

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