PostHeaderIcon How to Deal With Your Infant’s Acute Diarrhea

nullGastroenteritis is a medical terminology that is use to refer to acute diarrhea. This condition affects mostly infants and toddlers and you need to know the symptoms of this condition for you to get rid f it effectively. When there is an increase in fluidity of the stool, it is known as diarrhea and its passage is higher than normal. Acute diarrhea is a result of inflammation that is caused by a virus or bacteria which invades the gut cells. When this occurs in children, digestion will be hindered and hence there will be detainment of undigested food in the gut.

If your child is losing more and more fluids, you have to encourage him/her to drink a lot. You are not supposed to give him a lot of water as this might disturb the concentration of salt in the body and this can be dangerous. It is recommended that you give oral-rehydration solutions (ORS).

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