PostHeaderIcon How to cure a severe lower back pain

Tips to cure lower back pain , back pain treatmentIn this stressful world, the body takes a heavy toll and it is our responsibility to ensure that we take good care of our body. But there are times when the body breaks down due to excessive work load and it is more often than not the lower back that suffers the most. Now, a severe lower back pain is very excruciating but there are ways in which one can relieve themselves from this pain with or without the help of a physician. One of the major reasons for a back pain can be due to lifting loads.

Most often, the pain subsides after a while but sometimes, one can perform regular back exercises for certain duration of time and the pain disappears. People who sit and work in front of the computer for long hours at a stretch are most prone to lower back pain or spinal cord discomfort. The key here is to ensure that you allow body movement every couple of hours to prevent the body from getting stiff and in the worse case scenarios, taking pain killers to get rid of the back pain is also advised but one must not make it a habit.

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