PostHeaderIcon How can a pacemaker help you?

Benefits of pacemakers, heart carePacemakers are mechanical devices that help to regulate the heart beats with virtually created electrical pulses. They are generally recommended in old age and to patients experiencing poor heart conditions. Our heart is regulated through electrical pulses that travel to the bottom, creating pressure to allow the oxygenated blood to free pass through the heart.

Pacemakers comprise of two components, a generator and a lead. The generator is designed to create virtual electrical currents, when connected to the battery, whereas the lead transports the pulse to the heart, to stimulate the muscles. Thus declining the irregularity of the heart beats. There are three pacemaker designs that act according to the crisis demand. Single chamber units have the ability to stimulate only one portion of the heart conversely the Dual Chambers stimulate at both ends. The Rate Responsive units are attached with a sensor that activates the pacemaker when crisis occurs, otherwise stays dormant.

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