PostHeaderIcon Dealing with mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are painful and disturbing. However, there are various home remedies you can use to deal with the problem and the post here presents a brief on some of them.

Coconut milk is very useful for mouth ulcers. You have to extract the coconut milk & gargle with it at least three to four times every day. Another tip would be to gargle with both hot & cold water alternatively. Fenugreek is said to be really effective for mouth ulcers. Boil two cups filled with water. Now, add one cup of fenugreek leaves & remove. Cover that water for a while and after straining gargle for two to three times every day until the ulcer is cured properly.

Then, boil 1 teaspoon of the coriander seeds with one cup water. Remove the seeds when the water gets slightly warm followed by a warm gargle minimum thrice per day. Chewing on basil or tulsi leaves (five to six leaves) with water at least six times a day would also work well.

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