PostHeaderIcon Causes of eye dryness

Dryness in eyes is a hugely common problem. In regards to the causes, the ophthalmologists suggest of two most vital reasons behind eye dryness and here is a discussion on them.
One of the most common reasons behind eye dryness is that your tear ducts aren’t producing sufficient liquid to protect the eyes. Another most regular reason here is that as soon as your tears are produced they get evaporated quickly. Here it might be that the liquid produced is sufficient yet the tears aren’t simply staying on eye surface for a longer period.

As tears are formed to guard the eyes, it simultaneously results in the production of oily layer but unfortunately, with age the oily layer star getting thinner & thinner. This leads in dryness of eyes faster as a person starts to age. Apart from age, certain kinds of work environments too are conducive to eye dryness- for example- people who have to work with computers for longer periods develop eye dryness fast.

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