PostHeaderIcon Causes of diarrhea

All of you surely know how the food we intake is broken down into pieces by our digestive system and how the essential nutrients and water are absorbed and the waste are removed from the body. Now when this highly efficient digestive system of our body malfunctions and excess amount of food and fluids passes through the colon, then it gives rise to a syndrome known as diarrhea.

There are various bacteria and viruses that can lead to diarrhea. The bacteria and virus will enter your body and rather your digestive system through unhygienic water and food you take.
The intestine of the human body has a particular type of enzyme which helps in absorbing the lactose in milk and dairy products and proper bowel movements. If this enzyme lacks, then it can also lead to diarrhea.

Most of us have the tendency of eating chewing gums and candy very often. But the artificial sweetener like the mannitol and sorbitol that are present in these things are also prospective reasons behind the occurrence of diarrhea.

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