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PostHeaderIcon Identifying the signs of appendicitis

Symtoms of of appendicitis, health care tipsIdentifying the signs and symptoms of appendicitis is also a challenging thing to the doctor. There are hardly any specific symptoms pointing to appendicitis. It can even let you know its presence through some forms of illness which are not always taken care of properly. The doctors use the patient’s words to diagnose appendicitis. Mostly appendicitis is said to be accompanied by tremendous pain in the lower abdomen. Loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, abdominal bloating and moderate fever are also found to occur if an individual is suffering from appendicitis.

Normally a person having appendicitis in the very initial stage is found to have one or two of these said symptoms and that too at a much lower intensity. However if the pain increases tremendously, then it is better to consult a doctor and admit the patient to a hospital to avoid any sort of unwanted events.

PostHeaderIcon Possible Causes Of Depression

In the fast paced lifestyle of today, depression has become a very common disease among humans. These days one can find many people affected by depression around us very easily. It can strike at any time of one’s life and it can come unexpectedly. The only difference between other diseases and depression is that in the latter there are no warning signs. This disease does not differentiate between the rich and the poor, the young and the old and so none are safe from it. It mainly happens due to lack of the optimum amount of Serotonin which balances out the brain. The real way to detect this disease is to find out the core reason behind it. Causes of depression can be ranging from one’s own life experiences to general experiences that we have in our own surroundings. If one is suffering from depression then one should get treated fast as it can lead to serious consequences if left untreated.

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Diplopia or double vision

To identify an object perfectly, eyes in general move in the same direction and at the same time. The captured signal then reaches the brain stem through several nerves. A damage or lesion in the brainstem can affect the coordination of eyes that in turn results in double vision. Double vision, also called as Diplopia is a medical state in which a single image appears as two images.

Acute illness, cancer, food poisoning, mental trauma, bad sleeping habits and eye strain are some of the causes of Diplopia. Consulting a specialist is the right way to deal with double vision. This medical condition is termed acute because it can lead to several other major problems like radiating headache and paralysis. Person affected by diplopia will not be able to read or write; drive a vehicle, or concentrate. Proper sleep, use of good eyeglasses,  contact eye exercises along with medications can help in treating double vision.

PostHeaderIcon Knowing various Glaucoma types

Glaucoma is a serious medical issue that can lead to permanent blindness if it is not properly. It is caused due to the injury in the optical nerve that is responsible for normal eye sight. There are several types of glaucoma exists with certain general conditions. Open angle glaucoma is a medical condition which occurs when this intraocular pressure level increases above a normal value. Consulting an expert eye specialist is the only solution to treat this glaucoma type.

Next is the angle closure glaucoma type in which the symptoms such as severe pain and nausea will start to appear suddenly creating extreme pressure in the angle of eye. Congenital glaucoma is the next most common type of glaucoma appears in infants and small children. First this condition starts like a normal problem in angle, and then it blocks the fluid drainage in the later stage. Secondary glaucoma, pigmentary glaucoma and steroid induced glaucoma are few other types to be mentioned.

PostHeaderIcon What are the reasons for artery clogging?

The Cholesterol accumulation in the arteries start generally from early teenage and it silently progresses by causing incidents of strokes, blood clotting, arterial illness and eventually death. This buildup starts upon consuming a diet rich in fat and lacking in fruits and vegetables. Smoking, excessive drinking, not habitually doing regular physical exercises, developing obesity especially around the tummy, high blood sugar, more stress, high blood pressure are some of the common causes that contribute to plaque buildup and consequently artery clogging. The clogging blocks or decelerates the blood flow leading to potentially severe consequences.

Deficiency of Vitamin C actually triggers the process of clogging which is termed as subclinical scurvy. Arteries develop minute cracks in them when body lacks sufficient amount of Vitamin C. Cholesterol sediment is applied naturally by body mechanism to patch the cracks and prevent internal bleeding. The gradual piling up of cholesterol over arteries hardens with time and forms clogged arteries.

PostHeaderIcon Blocked artery signs and symptoms

There may be signs of blocked arteries all around us but most of the time we tend to ignore it and if left untreated for long time it might develop into a huge problem. In this article we will talk about signs and symptoms of blocked arteries that everyone should be aware of.
Where the blockage occurs will determine the signs. If the plaque deposit reduces blood flow to the heart, a tightness is felt in the middle of the chest which is referred as angina in medical term. People often tend to misinterpret it as indigestion because if the blockage is not too severe then pain might disappear on relaxing for sometime.If the pain doesn’t disappear on resting, this is one of worst signs of blocked arteries and signals trouble ahead (a heart attack) and means the blockage may have reached 90 percent or more.

If the blockage is in the arteries which supplies blood to the brain then symptoms such as numbness, difficulty in swallowing, speaking, blindness, mental disorientation, or paralysis can occur.
Though there is no permanent cure, often most healthy people are also most likely to suffer from this problem. But still one can take effective measures by bringing change in our eating habits, reducing stress levels, avoiding tobacco and smoking, losing extra weight and exercising for at least 5 days in a week.

PostHeaderIcon Causes and symptoms of bile duct stones

Bile duct stones (choledocholithiasis) are collections of solid material, majorly cholesterol, bile pigments or calcium (gallstones) present in bile ducts, which is a small tube that carries bile from gallbladder to the intestine. These stones may remain inside the duct and thereby resulting in blockage of the duct.
Blockage of bile duct can cause the ducts to widen (dilate)causing fever, chills and jaundice (a yellowish discoloration of the skin and the whites of the eyes), loss of hunger, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain in right upper or middle upper abdomen, etc. Most gallstones do not show any symptom for a long time.

In the United States, about 20% of people older than age 65 have been suffering from gallstones and about 15% of people with gallstones have stones in the common bile duct. Each year, more than half a million people in the United States have their gallbladder surgically removed.

PostHeaderIcon Sinusitis awareness

More and more cases of sinusitis are coming to the fore with every passing day. Sinusitis is caused by the inflammation or infection of sinuses that are basically air cavities located within the facial skull around the nose. A person can suffer from acute sinusitis that lasts for less than a month or subacute sinusitis that lasts between 4 to 8 weeks or chronic sinusitis that can continue for over 8 weeks at a time.

Some of the common symptoms of sinusitis are given below:

• Difficulty in nasal breathing
• Facial pain and swelling in and around the nasal area including dental and jaw pain
• Congestion of the nasal cavity
• Fever and headache
• Foul smell of the nasal drainage
• Snoring during sleep

To get some relief from sinusitis, you can try the following treatments:

• Antibiotics to eliminate bacterial infection
• Pain relievers to reduce the soreness
• Nasal spray and other decongestants to reduce nasal blockage.

PostHeaderIcon What is bruxism?

How many times, have you noticed your child grind his teeth or clench them together in anger? Most of the times, parents ignore such acts. Little do they realize that this is just a symptom of bruxism. Most children are known to grind or clench teeth when in sleep or when under stress. As parents, we often overlook such ailments thinking that these are temporary ailments. Research has shown that 9 out of every 10 child suffer from bruxism due to their top and bottom set of teeth not being aligned properly.

If not treated at the right time, regular clenching and grinding of teeth may lead to damage your child’s teeth forever. The enamel coating may get eroded or a tooth may get chipped. It is best to consult a doctor immediately to ensure that no long term damage is caused to your little one’s set of precious teeth.

PostHeaderIcon Alternative Treatment For Heartburn Symptoms

There are a lot of alternative treatment options that you can use to combat heartburn symptoms. Some of these alternative treatment options are very basic but highly effective. For example, one of the things that you can do to deal with heartburn problems is to alter your diet such that you will only eat the food that does not cause you to have heartburn problems.

You also need to make some changes in your lifestyle if you want your heartburn problems to go away. Some things like smoking and drinking alcohol just make the problem worse. You should avoid doing them if you are serious about getting rid of your heartburn problem. You should also try as much as possible not to let stressful thoughts enter your head. Stress is a major trigger of heartburn symptoms. You should learn to handle things without too much anxiety and to relax when you need to.