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PostHeaderIcon Effects of cold weather on asthma

A cold weather is really dangerous for the asthma patients and has been found to trigger attacks on almost every asthma patient each year. According to physicians, the asthma symptoms tend to worsen if the patient somehow catches cold and flu followed by continuous cough, sneezing, blockage of respiratory passage and fatal respiratory troubles.      No, wonder, the hospitals are overcrowded with asthma patients as soon as the winter sets in. Thus, all the asthma patients out there are always advised to stay warm during the cold season. Always carry your inhaler while going out or staying inside your home in the chilly months as this is the time when you can have an attack almost anytime.   Apart from carrying the inhaler, the asthma patients should take sufficient care to warm them up at this time of the year, as warned by the physicians. Keep your nose covered every time you go out so as to prevent the cold air from entering through the nostrils.

PostHeaderIcon What are Allergy Mites?

Mites belong to the family of spiders and ticks. They are present in every household although most people never suspect this presence. Mites usually thrive in places such as the bed mattress, bed liens, pillow covers, and curtains etc. they basically feed on dead skin and leftover food and are especially fond of moisture laden places.Mites are basically harmless to the human body.

However, they may cause allergies to sensitive people. The most common allergies caused are swelling, red- skin, skin eruptions, and a running nose. Mites reproduce at a very fast rate. New generation comes into existence almost every three weeks. And therefore, it is important to regularly dust your house. However, if you are dusting your mattress, linen, etc in order to get rid of these allergy mites then make sure to stay away from the respective rooms up to at least twenty minutes after dusting.

PostHeaderIcon Poison Ivy Treatment Of Symptoms

Poison Ivy is a plant that causes irritation to the skin. The most common symptom of poison ivy skin irritation problem is painful itchiness. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments available for itchiness caused by Poison Ivy. You do not even have to go to hospital to find an effective cure; you can make use of some of your household items to treat this symptom.

Oatmeal is one of the common treatments for Poison ivy symptoms. To prepare the treatment, you need to boil oatmeal and then wait for it to cool for a few minutes before applying it on the affected part of the skin. You should apply a thick layer of the oatmeal and then wait for it to cool on your skin. By the time it is completely cold your itchiness will have disappeared. A thick mixture of baking soda and water can also help deal with this itchiness.

PostHeaderIcon Pollen Allergy and Food Sensitivity

nullPollen allergy is not commonly recognized or diagnosed by most allergy specialist, doctors and abdomen specialist although it is classified as a form of allergy. This is the reaction which occurs when a person eats some food which reacts with certain pollen. Pollen allergy is known as the oral allergy syndrome (OAS).

There are some groups of foods that are known to be the main cause of pollen allergy such as ragweed which causes a gut or oral reaction when eating bananas or melons. Birch tree pollen is another one and is known to react with some varied food. Eosinophilic esophagitis also known as allergic esophagitis is a condition that is known to be related to oral allergy syndrome. If you know that when you eat some food categories they give you some discomfort, it is better that you do away with those foods. You need to go for a food intolerance checkup so that you are told about the food to avoid.