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PostHeaderIcon 5 natural foods to reduce weight

natural foods to reduce weightThe common notion of abstinence of food and weight loss is nothing but a myth- the solution lies not in discarding food but having right form of food that will aid your fat loss venture. Yes, there are some really functional foods that would enable you to lose weight naturally.


Honey is one of the most important aides when it comes to the list of foods for weight loss. A number of animal studies throughout the years have shown that honey has been very effective in reducing fat gain in the body. It’s suggested that you have this natural sweetener everyday in the morning for fast results.


Nuts are wonderful fat reducing foods – in fact nuts have proved to be really effective with long-term fat loss as well as control of lipid & glycemic level in blood. These snacks are enriched in fiber, protein, heart-healthy fats, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. These are cholesterol free naturally. The best types of nuts for your weight loss venture are hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, chestnuts, soybean nuts, macadamias, pecans, cashews, walnuts and pistachios.


Who can deny that “an apple a day keeps a doctor away”- yes, apples are great for a healthy life with amazing contribution towards the weight loss goal as well. You can pick any form of apples, be it green or yellow or red. These fruits are pretty low in sodium and calories & hence make fantastic fat-free foods. The pectin presence in apples helps to release body fat & suppress appetite, preventing any chance of over-binging further. Unpeeled fresh apples would be the perfect aide when you are trying hard to lose weight fast. Get one apple everyday for your tiffin snack for faster and more effective results.


If you think that chocolates are bad for health, think twice. Studies have revealed that the cocoa presence in the chocolate is wonderful for fat loss. Thus, do not feel guilty ever for getting yourself the delicious chocolate treats every now & then- however, make sure to have the dark chocolates especially that are rich in cocoa proportions than usual sweet chocolates.


The list would be incomplete without the mention of oatmeal. Oatmeal is another wonderful fat loss food in the sense that it contains great fiber that ensures a fuller feeling for long- decreasing the appetite, preventing chances of overeating. As it’s rich in protein, oatmeal also helps in higher rate of fat burn.

PostHeaderIcon Super foods! What are they and where are they found

Super foodsNutrient rich foods help in the health and well being of individuals, making them not only physically fit by improving certain sensory organs but also by increasing the immunity to certain diseases. You may find a list of top super foods but this is purely subjective as super foods have no set scientific properties or meaning and solely depend on a certain individual’s susceptibility and body needs. Super foods are very healthy if consumed in a limit and are free of the regular contamination. There are several super foods which you can try. They are as follows:

• Apples- consisting of plant compounds, minerals and numerous vitamins this fruit has the ability to keep you healthy. This low glycemic index fruit is also referred for people suffering from diabetes.
• Beans- they have a rich source of iron, calcium, protein and fiber. This helps in bowel movement and also lowers the cholesterol level.
• Broccoli- broccoli happens to contain phytochemicals which prevents cancer and muscular degeneration. Apart from this it also keeps a check on the cholesterol level in the blood.
• Blueberries- this fruit is rich with antioxidants and are recommended by most of the doctors. Consuming blueberries reduces the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It also keeps away chronic inflammatory diseases and arthritis.
• Olive oil- olive oil has high percentage of monounsaturated fat which reduces the chances of any kind of heart diseases and also increases high density lipoprotein in the blood. This oil also protects the body from the ill effects of free radicals as it contains antioxidant compounds.
• Garlic- garlic is a fantastic super food with excellent antibiotic properties. According to studies, garlic aids in cancer prevention and even assists to strengthen immune system & battle common cold. The doctors always suggest consumption of garlic every day, even for the kids. Yes, the strong taste could be a turn off for the little ones, but you have to get it to your kids. The good news is that you will get garlic supplements in the market to which the kids are generally not so resistant.

There are super foods which help in weight loss too. Obesity is an alarming issue these days and the kids are the most common victims. So you have to enrich your kid diet-plan with the fat losing super foods so that they grow up as healthy and fit.

PostHeaderIcon Antioxidant Foods

Antioxidant FoodsAntioxidant foods can save you from high blood pressure, signs of ageing, as well as cancer and serious heart diseases. They also enhance immune function and prevent inflammation too. Antioxidants are nutrients such as Vitamin E, C, selenium, beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, alpha-lipoic acids, coenzymeQ10 and flavanoids. Numerous antioxidant compounds can be found in food. Below are some of the major antioxidant rich foods.

Berries: Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, even red currants, all berries are rich in antioxidants. Try to have some berries every day. You can add them in salads, porridge, even cereals.

Beans: Red beans are high in terms of antioxidant compounds. Beans like pinto beans and kidney beans are also high in fiber and protein content. Good thing about beans is that you can add them in anything, be it a main course dish or a salad or soup.

Other Fruits such as red grapes, plums, raisins, cherries, oranges, apples and apricots too have a high quantity of antioxidants in them. As your elders must have told you, having fruits is helpful in every way possible.

Spices and herbs: Spices like cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, garlic, oregano, cumin, parsley, all have a high antioxidant content. You can add these in every meal. Even though these may not be taken in as large quantities as other antioxidant rich foods are, yet they provide ample protection because of their concentrated nature.
Cruciferous vegetables: Broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, turnip, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables have in them valuable fiber along with antioxidant minerals.

Other vegetables such as sweet potato, tomatoes, beetroot, carrots, and leafy greens like spinach also have various antioxidants in them. Try to have five different vegetable servings each day.
Along with these, other food items such as nuts, grains, oils, tea, chocolates and even red wine has a concentration of antioxidants on the higher side and can help you if added in your diet, some in great quantities and some in minimum.

PostHeaderIcon Know more about genetically modified food

organic foods, health tipsGenetically modified food has surpassed organic foods. They are cheaper and healthier at the same time, whereas organic food has become difficult to produce and are costly. These genetically modified foods are not only beneficial to the environment but are fertile too. The advantages are multifarious. Genetically modified food do not take much time to grow and can withstand pests and rough temperatures. Not just this, genetically modified food have a taste which is better than organic food and are therefore the future food of the world.

No matter the benefits of genetically modified food, there are some people who completely despise its usage. According to them, these food cause a number of allergic reactions and that genetically modified food have lasting effects on the environment. This problem can be dealt with. The manufactures can list the probable allergies on the can or box that may arise due to their consumption.

PostHeaderIcon How To Prepare An Effective Diet Chart

People nowadays are becoming absolutely health conscious. Proper exercise and diet is being followed by the people to remain happy and healthy throughout their life. Here are some tips that will help you prepare an effective diet chart for yourself.

First of all take a pledge that you will transform your old lifestyle. Prepare yourself to start a new lifestyle. Once you are ready then plan your diet. Eat lots of vegetable and fruits that are low in oil or fat content. Drink lots of water and consume foods high in fiber content.

If you have already tried a diet plan earlier and it failed then find out why it failed. The reasons behind your failure will help improve your recent diet plan. You can also eat high-protein foods. Avoid carbohydrates. Eat sweets but in moderation.

Along with a proper diet, make sure you eat your meals at the right time and do regular exercises.

PostHeaderIcon Vitamins for your bone health

Vitamins, bone healthYour bones are the most important part of your body to keep you straight and therefore proper vitamins are required to keep them healthy. The best vitamin for our bones is Vitamin K. It is responsible for keeping your bone strong. In fact it keeps your heart healthy as well. Vitamin K helps to boost the cardiovascular health. Normally Vitamin K is of three types namely K1, K2 and K3. K1 can be achieved from vegetables like kale and spinach.

They are also known as phytonadione and are great for your liver. K2 in better terms is known as menaquinone and is responsible for proper blood stream and also for the bones. The third type is known as menadione and they are mainly of synthetic variant. It is advisable not to take the third type because they can be toxic at times. But on the whole they are very important for your bones.

PostHeaderIcon Iron rich food for you

Iron rich foods, healthy dietDo you want to consume iron rich food on a daily basis? Well then read this article and get information about the foods containing high iron contents. In our daily diet plan vegetables, meat, nuts, different kinds of soy products, fruits have huge amount of iron into it. On the other hand chicken liver, tofu, chick peas also contain high percentage of iron into it.

Apart from having these solid foods you should consider about having some drinks also that contain a good amount of iron in it. Orange or any other citrus fruit juice has good iron minerals into it, and therefore if you have a fruit drink on a daily basis you can good amount of iron in your body. But before providing the iron food to children or any young member of the family you should consult with the physician as it should be prescribed following the rules.

PostHeaderIcon Benefits of Beta Carotene for your health

Benefits of Beta CaroteneBeta Carotene is a very good substance having no substitute for a good health. It keeps your eyes in good quality. The benefits of beta carotene on your health is not one but many. If one fails to consume the required amount of beta carotene then it might adversely affect the immune system. Elements like bacterial and viral infections are combated by its use as it is an antioxidant. It acts more of like vitamin A. researchers have also claimed that beta carotene can even treat and cure cancer.

It has been proved that consumption of beta carotene in small quantities is side effect free. Howbeit, it is never advisable to intake huge dozes of the same; it may result in the skin turning orange. Natural fruits and vegetables are rich source of beta carotene, carrots being the king. Consulting your doctor before taking any food or medicine, he will give you a wider picture and clear all your doubts regarding beta carotene too.

PostHeaderIcon 5 effective healthy breakfast tips

If you wish to stay fit, healthy and energetic round the clock, you need to eat a healthy breakfast. You need to eat the right food items for your breakfast. The following are 5 useful tips for a healthy breakfast:


  1. Never try to skip your breakfast in order to lose weight. A healthy and a proper breakfast is a must to carry out the daily activities. Have food which is protein and vitamin rich for your breakfast.
  2. Always check the content of sugar in your food items which you have for breakfast. Cereals tend to have high percentage of sugar; avoid such cereals.
  3. Having fruits or fruit juices is a good option for breakfast, but in small quantities. Drinking lots of water is a good habit to maintain.
  4. Avoid fried food items and junk food for breakfast.
  5. Super-foods like banana, fat-free yoghurt, oats, eggs, etc. are good to have for breakfast.

PostHeaderIcon Useful health supplements for elder people

Ageing is a very natural process and people should be ready to face it in a more confident way. When people grow older, they tend to face many problems related to health. Dental problems, blood pressure, joint pains; bad sight and hearing ability; loss of hair and weight loss are considered some of the common problems faced by elderly people. Regular health check ups should be made to ensure a better health of these individuals.

Vitamin A supplements in elderly people can prevents issues such as improper vision, hair loss, bone related problems and slow metabolism. Supplements containing niacin is known to protect elders from low oxygen supply and other related issues. High blood pressure in elders leads to stress, weakness and loss of energy. Taking supplements containing potassium and magnesium or omega 3 fatty acids can help in lowering the effects of blood pressure. Health supplements containing Vitamin E, Thiamine and Vitamin C are few others to be mentioned.