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PostHeaderIcon Natural ways to get rid of sun tan

get rid of sun tanAre you worried about your tanned skin? Daily and consistent exposure to sun is harmful for the skin, creating an unwanted dark patch over it. It could be that you have some special occasion coming up shortly where you have to look your fairer self that might be hampered from all tanned aura. However, nothing to worry- there are some really effective ways that can help you to get rid of sun tan really fast. The post here presents a short brief on some natural and easy home made tan negating remedies that can ensure a satisfactory result sans any kind of side effects.

1. You can make a pack of rosewater mixed with lemon juice & cucumber juice. Apply the pack on your face & other tanned areas on the body. You should that lemon juice is enriched in citric acid which helps in removing your tan & the other two ingredients act as cooling agents.
2. Lemon juice mixed with honey would also work as a fantastic remedy for tan removal.
3. Another fantastic pack to remove sun tan would be a blend of buttermilk and oats. The mixture has to be rubbed on your tanned areas. Oats will work to exfoliate the skin surface & buttermilk application will assure a soothing coat post the exfoliation.
4. You can even mix up lemon juice with turmeric and raw milk. Apply the mixture on the tanned skin and let it rest till the pack gets dried up. Then, wash it off with cool water.
5. Aloe Vera is fantastic to get rid off the dark tans within as fast as 7 days. Apply the Aloe gel directly onto the tanned surface everyday for the timely results. However, if you are using aloe vera everyday, make sure to count on a good sunscreen lotion while going out in the sun.

PostHeaderIcon How to avoid excessive facial hair for women

Are you troubled with your excessive facial hair and the ugly appearance? Well, you can use various natural as well as chemical treatments to get rid of the hair on your face. Some hair removing techniques include:

• Tweezing and hair removing creams can be used to get rid of unwanted hair but for a very short time span. Hair removing creams are not safe options as it causes black patches.
• Face wax is a good and harmless option of hair removal for almost 2-3 months.
• Laser therapy and electrolysis are permanent hair removal solutions but laser treatments are very expensive.

Apart from removing methods you must know why the hair has come up on the face. Sometimes due to chemical or drug reaction facial hair growth commences all of a sudden. In that case, consult a doctor immediately. Changes in the level of Androgen or other hormones during pregnancy can facilitate hair growth on a temporary basis also. You need to keep all the aspects in mind to prevent facial hair growth.

PostHeaderIcon How to select a right spa?

Now if you want to get rid of the hum-drum of the daily life for one day, why not go to a spa and relax for the day. But I bet you must have no idea about the best spa treatment you would like to have because you are so busy with your own life.

First of all decide why you want the treatment. Is it because you just want to relax or really there is some reason behind you opting for a spa afternoon. Many spas provide companion treatments as well. So you might want to go to a spa with your partner. Budget should be your main consideration. Select a spa that provides your more benefit at lower prices.

Ask relatives and friends who visit spa more often as to which one is the best and which treatment will help you the most. Explore websites of the spa to get a better idea of its services and then choose prudently.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to prevent heat injury

Heat injury is very common among people living in the tropical or equatorial regions. It may effect quite adversely to your skin and it may suck the energy out of your body as well. Diseases such as skin chance are a common cause of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Therefore, it is very important that you take care of the skin before you go out in the sun.

The best way to protect your skin from the sun is to wear a mask of sunscreen lotion that is high on SPF. It is also advised that you cover up your skin when it is very sunny outside. If you want to keep fresh during the seasons of hot sun, it is important that you lead a healthy lifestyle. You should drink at least three liters of water and have a lot of fruits and vegetables. It is important that the glucose level of your body is well maintained.

PostHeaderIcon Getting rid of dark underarms

Under arm care, skin careThere are a lot of ways to protect your dark underarms. One of the most effective solutions for dark underarms is waxing. It will get your hair removed right from the roots making the area whiter. This will work as a method of exfoliation. Another good remedy for your dark underarm is lemon juice. In order to get them a shade whiter, you should rub the lemon on your armpit and you will be benefited by the natural bleaching by the lemon.

Lightening masks can also be a good idea. You can prepare a mask at home as well. You could take some gram flour with yoghurt and mix it with a little bit of turmeric powder and lemon. The mixture will be very good getting your underarms lightened. Potato could be a good option for getting your skin lightened as well. These are some of the ways by which you can keep away from dark underarms.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to keep your lower body in shape

lower body in shapeThere are thousands of companies all over the world that try to provide different devices and machines that help you get your fitness. But it is better if you don’t depend on the machines wholeheartedly and do some work out to keep your body in shape. First of all, working towards the abdominal muscles will help you not to have tummy in your stomach.

Abs should be your primary area of concentration. Crunches are the best exercise method with which you can brilliantly keep your abdomen in shape. You can do some leg exercises as well but do not consider stretching your legs fully because it might create a lot of strain in the back of your body. Doing some tennis, rowing, yoga and all of these exercises can help you reduce your tummy. You can lift a few weights to improve your biceps, lifting a toddler is also a good idea.

PostHeaderIcon Top 5 preventable dental problems

Everyone has faced dental problems at least once in their life. Taking proper care of your teeth is important at all times. In order to avoid dental problems, there should be a proper knowledge about the top five preventable dental problems that we are usually affected with:


  1. Toothache: One of the most popular dental problems, toothache affects everyone, from the young to the old. Toothache can easily be avoided by brushing daily, and paying regular visits to the dentist.
  2. Bad Breath: Those with a consistent problem of bad breath can blame the bacteria and germs growing inside the mouth. Instead of hiding bad breath with mouth fresheners, start with brushing twice daily, regular flossing and visits to the dentist.
  3. Tooth Decay: Another common yet preventable dental problem, can be avoided if the teeth and gums are cleaned regularly.
  4. Bleeding Gums: gum problems are common and mostly due to ignorance of the person. Visit your dentist immediately if you have this problem.
  5. Mouth sores: Small sores inside the mouth are common and usually disappear in two weeks time. Have nutritious food in order to avoid them.

PostHeaderIcon Effectively treating chest cold

Chest cold is a medical condition that is caused due to the formation of mucus in the bronchial tubes. Chest cold, also called as acute bronchitis, is very much contagious. Early diagnosis of this condition is important to prevent it from spreading to others. Mild headache, tiredness, body pain, watery eyes and dry throat are some of the symptoms of chest cold.

Since, chest cold is considered contagious and acute, consulting a physician is important to stop its recurrence and further infection. Antibiotics are generally prescribed for bronchitis if it is in the mild stage. However, there are also some natural remedies available to treat chest cold. Use of apple cider vinegar to treat acute bronchitis is a widely accepted home based remedy. The concentration of apple cider vinegar can be reduced by adding some warm water to it. It acts as a natural antibiotic to treat mucus in the bronchial tubes.

PostHeaderIcon Herbal therapy for heart patients

Normal functioning of heart can be disturbed due to a combination of various factors like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes; fats in cells and depression. These factors either directly or indirectly contributes to heart diseases. Herbal therapies used to control heart diseases are extremely safe compared to pills and drugs.

Use of olive oil for cooking checks the cholesterol level as it contains no mono saturated fatty acids. Garlic either cooked or in supplements can act as a blood thinning agent and an excellent source of antioxidants. Adding two or three garlic flakes to the diet can protect our heart from diseases. Ginkgo biloba is another blood thinning agent that can help in improving overall circulation of blood to the heart. Onions that we use everyday has the ability to ease the path of coronary arteries by raising the High density lipoprotein. Soy, turmeric, ginger and green tea are few other herbs that supports healthy heart.

PostHeaderIcon Effectively getting rid of diabetes

Diabetes in general can be divided into two types: Type 1 and Type 2. Identifying the type can be done by trained practitioners. Type 1 diabetes is more common among children and young people in their thirties, whereas type 2 is widely seen among people of age group greater than 40. Dehydration, excessive urination, low energy, sudden weight loss, confused state of mind and eye sight problem are some the major symptoms of both types of diabetes. Smoking and intake of alcohol increases the risks of diabetes and hence it should be avoided.

A good balanced diet is necessary for a diabetic to gain the lost energy through sweat and urine. It also helps in maintaining the sugar level of the body. Avoiding food items containing high carbohydrates; excess fat and calories; and physical activities such as walking, running, cardio workouts are some of the effective ways to treat diabetes. Regular check- ups also help in keeping diabetes under control.