PostHeaderIcon Can I Donate Blood?

Blood donation is a very wise and selfless thing to do. Many blood donation camps are held every year and if you’re interested to donate your blood to save a life of someone who needs it, then you need to understand the necessities involved in blood donation. There are certain rules and regulations which one must follow before giving blood.
You should be at least of 45 kilograms, below which donating blood is not a good idea. You shouldn’t have any diseases which can be transferred through blood. For example, patients which HIV positive blood, cannot donate blood. You should be physically fit, that is you should not have a chronic disease which can lead to weakness.

You should have a healthy breakfast in the morning. You are never allowed to give blood on an empty stomach. You shouldn’t have fever and you should take rest and eat eggs, fruits and anything else that’s given at the camp to gain back your strength.

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