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Acupuncture, helath tipsAcupuncture can be defined as an ancient Sino medical practice which is now popular in Europe and USA as well. The therapy involves treatment with ultra thin needles that are inserted the skin at some particular body parts. As per the Chinese clinical theory, the acupuncture zones are situated on the meridians through which the energy runs.

As per WHO the acupuncture therapy is useful to treat as many as 28 health conditions and evidence shows that the very treatment comes with good therapeutic credibility for many other conditions. The conditions that can achieve good relief from acupuncture include back pain, neck pain, severe headache and migraine issues.
Several studies have been carried out to verify the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy. As per a study conducted by Texas University acupuncture treatments twice a week would help to relive the debilitating xerostomia symptoms (excessive dry mouth) in case of patients having radiation for neck and head cancer.

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