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PostHeaderIcon Foods for fab Hair

Foods for fab HairA healthy mane is surely the most desired- the bouncy trussed add on the needed glam quotient to your beauty, accentuating it by a great extent. You must know that a well-nourished hair is not only dependent on oil massages or spa but in fact you have to nourish yourself from within to achieve those copious strands. There are certain foods that must be included in the diet for a healthy bounce. The article below is a brief on the food that can guarantees a fantastic mane for you.

Salmon is one of the most essential foods to achieve the fabulous tresses. The fish is enriched in Vitamin D and protein, both of which are excellent for copious tresses. But most importantly salmon is a great hub for Omega 3 fatty acid that the body requires to grow the tresses. If the salmon fish isn’t your pick, you can go for trout, sardines & mackerel.

Then, you have the walnuts. Much like salmon, walnuts too contain Omega 3 acids and hence would have amazing effect when you are trying for envious locks. Apart from Omega 3, walnuts also carry Vitamin E & biotin that altogether prevent any sort of DNA damage in the hair cells. Besides, the copper content in walnut preserves the natural color of your mane.
You mustn’t miss out on eggs when you are trying for great hair. Eggs come packed with 4 vital minerals such as selenium, zinc, iron and sulfur. Among these, iron is the most important as it assists the cells to carry oxygen towards hair follicles & decrease in iron content from the body is one of the major reasons behind los s of hair. Other than egg, you must also count on animal sources with enriched iron like pork, fish, chicken & beef.

PostHeaderIcon Dry Skin: How To Get Rid Of It?

Dry SkinOnly a few people have skin that is normal. Majority of the people have oily skin, dry skin or a combination of both these types. Dry skin is also known as Xeroderma and symptoms of dry skin is scaling. Skin becomes dry not because there is lack of oil in your skin but because there is lack of water in your skin. Exposure to cold, wind, sun, bathing using harsh soaps, the use of chemicals and cosmetics can have a bad effect on your skin by causing Xeroderma. Sometimes dry skin is caused because of genetic conditions as well.

Whenever you have a bath ensure that your skin is dried thoroughly and gently by you. Pat your skin while drying and avoid rubbing it at all costs. The soaps you use for bathing must not be harsh but mild. Even the body wash you utilize must be mild. You must make sure that your digestive system works well because normally a bad digestive system has a negative influence on the health of the skin. Drink huge amounts of water on a regular basis. Always eat nutritious and healthy food. Along with this you must exercise daily to foster good flow of blood and nutrients all throughout your body.
Moisturize your dry skin using well-known branded moisturizer.

Branded cream and lotions can also be applied on your dry skin to make it softer and smoother. Coconut oil can be very good for your dry skin. So make it a point to apply it regularly. You can make face packs at home using fruits such as banana, peach, papaya etc. Face packs made out of avocado are also very effective on dry skin. Remember that dry skin cannot be cured permanently. But efforts should be made by you to make your skin look beautiful and glowing always.

PostHeaderIcon Exploring the many health benefits of Vitamin C

benefits of Vitamin Cbenefits of Vitamin CVitamin C is one of the most potential vitamins for the body. The water-soluble vitamin is present in good proportions in a wide platter fruits and veggies including broccoli, parsley, strawberries, lemon juice, orange, kale, cauliflower, papaya etc. The post here is a short note on the many health benefits of vitamin C.

First of all, Vitamin C is a great defender against common cold. The very vitamin improves the immunity caliber of the body, strengthening it to battle against the viruses, bacteria & infection. It works as a super antihistamine which can minimize the occurrence of common cold & its regular side-kicks such as stuffy nose, aches and inflammation. A good dose of the vitamin will keep you guarded from infection attacks and would also serve to ensure healthy bones & teeth. Moreover, Vitamin C prepares your to quickly recover from the wounds.

Then, it’s to note here that Vitamin C is a wonderful anti-oxidant. It shields the body from the free radicals which lead to oxidative stress. You must know that excess oxidative stress can result in grave medical situations like atherosclerosis which can lead to cardiac arrest & stroke. Besides, it can even lead different cancers – all of these are prevented by Vitamin C consumption that further helps in regeneration of another helpful antioxidant Vitamin E. Moreover, vitamin C can lower down the blood pressure and assures appropriate dilation of the blood vessels that hinders the endangering conditions like congestive cardiac failure, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis as well as angina pectoris.

Then, it’s to stress here that Vitamin C helps to prevent cataracts. The human eye lens needs the Vitamin C for effective functioning and a deficiency here results in cataracts. A good consumption of the Vitamin C can battle cataracts by enhancing blood flow into the eye.