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PostHeaderIcon A little bit on Acupuncture

Acupuncture, helath tipsAcupuncture can be defined as an ancient Sino medical practice which is now popular in Europe and USA as well. The therapy involves treatment with ultra thin needles that are inserted the skin at some particular body parts. As per the Chinese clinical theory, the acupuncture zones are situated on the meridians through which the energy runs.

As per WHO the acupuncture therapy is useful to treat as many as 28 health conditions and evidence shows that the very treatment comes with good therapeutic credibility for many other conditions. The conditions that can achieve good relief from acupuncture include back pain, neck pain, severe headache and migraine issues.
Several studies have been carried out to verify the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy. As per a study conducted by Texas University acupuncture treatments twice a week would help to relive the debilitating xerostomia symptoms (excessive dry mouth) in case of patients having radiation for neck and head cancer.

PostHeaderIcon Know more about genetically modified food

organic foods, health tipsGenetically modified food has surpassed organic foods. They are cheaper and healthier at the same time, whereas organic food has become difficult to produce and are costly. These genetically modified foods are not only beneficial to the environment but are fertile too. The advantages are multifarious. Genetically modified food do not take much time to grow and can withstand pests and rough temperatures. Not just this, genetically modified food have a taste which is better than organic food and are therefore the future food of the world.

No matter the benefits of genetically modified food, there are some people who completely despise its usage. According to them, these food cause a number of allergic reactions and that genetically modified food have lasting effects on the environment. This problem can be dealt with. The manufactures can list the probable allergies on the can or box that may arise due to their consumption.

PostHeaderIcon Are you suffering from diabetes?

diabetes, health tipsAre you suffering from diabetes? Diabetes is a very common disease these days in the whole world. It is caused when the glucose level rises steeply in our blood due to the lack of enough insulin. Here are some of the causes, symptoms of diabetes and some remedies that can help you to prevent diabetes or keep it within control.

The main reason of diabetes is improper and unhealthy diet. If you take excessive amount of glucose or starch containing food, then the insulin within your body will fail to keep the blood sugar level within control thus leading to diabetes. In certain cases when the body’s immunity system fails, the insulin producing capacity of the pancreas is destroyed leading to diabetes.

Since the insulin production is low or nil, more and more blood flow through the kidney. Thus if you are diabetic then you will experience frequent urination problem and excessive sweating.
As soon as you see any of these symptoms in you, immediately contact a doctor rather than going for self medication. If not treated at the correct point, diabetes can take serious form. You need to take insulin injection regularly to keep blood sugar level in limit. Your diet should be well balanced with the least amount of starch containing food items.

PostHeaderIcon How to keep your teeth healthy

healthy teeth, oral careSmile enhances the look of any face. It has the power to make a person look good and attract anyone. The smile not only makes you look good but it does wonders to a person’s body language. A smile looks even better when you have white and healthy looking teeth. Here are tips on how you can keep your teeth white and healthy.

• Brushing your teeth regularly is very essential. Every dentist suggests you in brushing your teeth two times a day. This is a necessary thing to do as it cleans away all the germs from your teeth.
• Visiting the dentist is necessary at regular intervals this will allow you to keep them checked and you would know the current condition of your teeth.
• Avoid the habit of consuming alcohol or smoking. These activities destroy the health of your teeth and make it look bad.
So try and keep your teeth in a healthy condition so as to make sure that you can smile without any hesitation.