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PostHeaderIcon Causes of diarrhea

All of you surely know how the food we intake is broken down into pieces by our digestive system and how the essential nutrients and water are absorbed and the waste are removed from the body. Now when this highly efficient digestive system of our body malfunctions and excess amount of food and fluids passes through the colon, then it gives rise to a syndrome known as diarrhea.

There are various bacteria and viruses that can lead to diarrhea. The bacteria and virus will enter your body and rather your digestive system through unhygienic water and food you take.
The intestine of the human body has a particular type of enzyme which helps in absorbing the lactose in milk and dairy products and proper bowel movements. If this enzyme lacks, then it can also lead to diarrhea.

Most of us have the tendency of eating chewing gums and candy very often. But the artificial sweetener like the mannitol and sorbitol that are present in these things are also prospective reasons behind the occurrence of diarrhea.

PostHeaderIcon Things To Do Before And After Straightening Your Hair

Straightening of hair has become a common fashion and style now days. Everyone wants silky smooth and straight tresses instead of curly and wavy because straight hair looks trendy and stylish. It gives a smart look. Different chemicals and artificial products are used for straightening hair. So if you have planned to straighten your hair, you need to take care of certain things before and after straightening your hair.

Things to do before Straightening your hair:
• You need to wash your hair to remove oil from your hair.
• Dry your hair by using any particular spray or towel.
• Use heat protector with cream and serum on a dry hair. Now your hair is ready for straightening.
Thing to do after Straightening your hair:
• Prevent your hair from getting fragile and dry.
• Rinse your hair properly after shampoo.
• Deeply condition your hair at least once a weak.
• Leave-in conditioner should be used daily.
• Wide tooth comb will be appropriate.

PostHeaderIcon Count on Pure Barre for a well toned body quickly

Are you looking for the perfect exercise that can gift you with a well toned body fast? You can count on Pure Barre which is one of the most popular workout concepts these days helping in the ideal svelte figure. Barre is a ballet dance inspired workout concept which has produced good results with ten sessions only.

The best part is that Pure Barre will shape up every part of your body presenting you with well-sculpted arms, rounded posterior and very shapely abs and thighs. Many of the exercises cannot produce effective results on arm, back and abs and thighs but Barre is specifically designed to reach out to all these difficult places and shed off the unnecessary pounds. Barre sessions will strengthen your muscles and gift you with much enhanced body flexibility.

However, just make sure to take the Barre sessions under the guidance of a seasoned and professional Barre trainer.