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PostHeaderIcon Tips on knee twisting exercise

Twisted knees are more or less common for athletes who undergo a lot of stress on their knees during their activities and land in mishaps. This can occur in case of strains, falls or even slips. Twisted knee is very painful and even when fixed tend to be swollen for quite a period of time.

A simple strain increases the recovery time during this period and so the leg is best kept rested at all times. Twisted knees when recommended for exercise by the doctor after the swelling disappears reduces the recovery time on the other hand. The exercises should be prescribed by a practiced physiotherapist as per the conditions of the knee. In order to reduce swelling right after the injury ice can be applied in the region to increase blood flow and less of internal bleeding. Even keeping the knee at a higher level prevents it from swelling. Once the swelling goes away the exercises such as leg lifts and straight lifts should be done along with other leg exercises to just strengthen the knee joint further.

PostHeaderIcon How to select a right spa?

Now if you want to get rid of the hum-drum of the daily life for one day, why not go to a spa and relax for the day. But I bet you must have no idea about the best spa treatment you would like to have because you are so busy with your own life.

First of all decide why you want the treatment. Is it because you just want to relax or really there is some reason behind you opting for a spa afternoon. Many spas provide companion treatments as well. So you might want to go to a spa with your partner. Budget should be your main consideration. Select a spa that provides your more benefit at lower prices.

Ask relatives and friends who visit spa more often as to which one is the best and which treatment will help you the most. Explore websites of the spa to get a better idea of its services and then choose prudently.

PostHeaderIcon Dealing with mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are painful and disturbing. However, there are various home remedies you can use to deal with the problem and the post here presents a brief on some of them.

Coconut milk is very useful for mouth ulcers. You have to extract the coconut milk & gargle with it at least three to four times every day. Another tip would be to gargle with both hot & cold water alternatively. Fenugreek is said to be really effective for mouth ulcers. Boil two cups filled with water. Now, add one cup of fenugreek leaves & remove. Cover that water for a while and after straining gargle for two to three times every day until the ulcer is cured properly.

Then, boil 1 teaspoon of the coriander seeds with one cup water. Remove the seeds when the water gets slightly warm followed by a warm gargle minimum thrice per day. Chewing on basil or tulsi leaves (five to six leaves) with water at least six times a day would also work well.

PostHeaderIcon Causes of Excessive Blushing

The main difference between normal blushing and excessive blushing that when we blush in general it’s because of a trigger from a psychological response and excessive blushing occurs due to the same reasons but doesn’t go away quickly, causes the skin to heat up and causes anxiety and palpitations. People who blush excessively might start blushing form a normal response but then the condition becomes intense and fear is triggered in the system which creates the other factors.

If you are afraid that you’ll blush and it’ll start the whole embarrassing heated up process then you can go to a doctor for some medication. You can also go for therapy sessions so that you can psychologically deal with the problem as well. So if you’re scared after watching the famous Grey’s Anatomy episode where a girl came in for this condition and had to undergo surgery, well, you’ll be happy to know that surgery is not required in most cases, therapy and simple medication mostly takes care of it.

PostHeaderIcon What To Expect After A Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is a very commonly practiced surgery and it’s mostly needed in older people and in women more, than men. The average recovery time in the hospital after a knee replacement surgery is about a week or 5 days. The main hassle starts at home where one has to get accustomed to the pain of recovery and manage to handle it in the most feasible manner possible. But the good news is that more than 97% of people who undergo knee replacement surgery recover wonderfully after the procedure.

For the first few days, you would have to walk with parallel bars and after that you would have to use some kind of walking help device like crutches. But with the pain meds and physiotherapy and exercise, you should be able to recover fast and soon with minimal pain. Whenever you feel like giving up, just think how after this pain, you will never feel the initial pain for which you had the surgery.