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PostHeaderIcon Getting rid of dark underarms

Under arm care, skin careThere are a lot of ways to protect your dark underarms. One of the most effective solutions for dark underarms is waxing. It will get your hair removed right from the roots making the area whiter. This will work as a method of exfoliation. Another good remedy for your dark underarm is lemon juice. In order to get them a shade whiter, you should rub the lemon on your armpit and you will be benefited by the natural bleaching by the lemon.

Lightening masks can also be a good idea. You can prepare a mask at home as well. You could take some gram flour with yoghurt and mix it with a little bit of turmeric powder and lemon. The mixture will be very good getting your underarms lightened. Potato could be a good option for getting your skin lightened as well. These are some of the ways by which you can keep away from dark underarms.

PostHeaderIcon Why is vitamin E good for skin health

Benefits of vitamin E, vitamin  EVitamin E has anti oxidizing abilities that keeps your skin protected and also helps in repairing. The anti oxidizing agents are responsible for neutralizing the effects of the oxidants of the free radicals. The oxidant effects are molecule that are responsible for damaging collagen and cause dryness of the skin. The free radicals are neutralized by the anti oxidants and they keep the cells from getting damaged.

Among the antioxidants, the Vitamin E is the most effective and powerful. However, this vitamin is not produced by the body. Therefore, it is important that the diet you take includes ample amount of vitamin E. if you cannot find enough vitamin E in the diet, you have to take supplements of Vitamin E. if the body does n not get enough of this nutrient, and you may have to suffer from premature aging of the skin. However, do not live under the misconception that with ample intake of Vitamin E, you will be able to roam around under the harmful rays of the sun all day long.

PostHeaderIcon Nutritional benefits of almonds

Benefits of almonds, almondsAlmonds are known for their rich taste and the special factor that they add to the dish makes them a favorite in every kitchen. Almonds hail from the family of dry fruits and you will often find gift packets packed with almonds, cashews and raisins not only because they taste awesome but also because they have many nutritional health benefits.

Here are some of the nutritional benefits of almonds:

• Almonds are high source of energy. A handful of almonds when eaten will release an energy rocket in your body and keep your tiredness away.
• Almonds are great for those suffering from weakness and under-nutrition as they pack in high levels of calories that most young people require to keep them going throughout the day.
• Almonds are also great source of vitamin E and it is because of this reason that almond oil is so popular in the market.

PostHeaderIcon Osteo-Arthritis: how to deal with it?

Osteo-Arthritis, body disordersIt has been said that Osteo-Arthritis is one of the biggest conditions that women are suffering from these days. Osteo Arthritis is mainly caused due to the lack of calcium. The lack or deficiency of calcium in the body forces the body to drain the requisite amount of calcium from the calcium stored in the bones. Since bones have to provide for the lack of calcium in diet, they soon become weak and it is then that problems like Osteo-Arthritis strike.

Osteo-Arthritis leads to the weakening of bones and people suffering from it are known to have extremely feeble bones that end up getting fractured at the smallest of accidents. Constant ache and pain in the joints is also a common symptom. The best way to deal with Osteo-Arthritis is to have ample sources that are rich in calcium. Once the deficiency is no longer, your bones have a chance at becoming stronger.

PostHeaderIcon 5 precautions an asthma patient should take

Care for asthma, asthmaIf you or anyone you know suffers from asthma then you should take some precautionary measures in order to stay on the safe side. A person who suffers from asthma can develop breathing problems during any time when he or she gets physically excited. This can be triggered by allergens, happiness, sadness, anger or fear. If you are allergic to something like dust, pollen, insects, scents, food items etc. then you should take extra care to stay away from them as allergies can trigger serious asthma attacks.

Keep your inhaler with you at all times. You should keep a note with your ID which states your condition and doctor’s number. You should also take some medication for your condition but consult with your doctor first. Finally, if your condition is too severe, you should consider wearing a mask when you travel. Being safe is always better than facing an asthma attack, especially when you’re on your own.

PostHeaderIcon Vitamins for your bone health

Vitamins, bone healthYour bones are the most important part of your body to keep you straight and therefore proper vitamins are required to keep them healthy. The best vitamin for our bones is Vitamin K. It is responsible for keeping your bone strong. In fact it keeps your heart healthy as well. Vitamin K helps to boost the cardiovascular health. Normally Vitamin K is of three types namely K1, K2 and K3. K1 can be achieved from vegetables like kale and spinach.

They are also known as phytonadione and are great for your liver. K2 in better terms is known as menaquinone and is responsible for proper blood stream and also for the bones. The third type is known as menadione and they are mainly of synthetic variant. It is advisable not to take the third type because they can be toxic at times. But on the whole they are very important for your bones.

PostHeaderIcon Things to keep in mind if you are a lactating mother

Child care, child feedingIf you breast feed your baby, then you must keep a few things in mind to ensure the good health of your child. Breast feeding is very important and almost all doctors prescribe mothers to go for breast feeding. Have you followed the advice of your doctor? Are you a lactating mother? Then a few things you should follow strictly. You must take proper care of your health so that you don’t get weak while breast feeding. Make sure you have all the essential nutrients in your regular diet. You should follow the correct way of feeding your baby. Breast feeding is indeed a skill and you should have patience.

Situations may arise when you may need to breast feed your baby in public. You should know the exact way of feeding your baby. It may be frustrating initially but if you keep patience, it will become easier for you in a few days. In case of any problem while breast feeding, rather than medicating on your own, go to your doctor to get the right diagnosis.

PostHeaderIcon Health benefits of lactic acid

Benefits of lactic acid, health care tipsFor generations people have viewed lactic acid as an enemy. Actually for a long time, the health benefit of lactic acid was unknown. Today we know that lactic acid is no enemy, because of the following reasons:

• Lactic acid serves as a quick source of fuel for the heart and the muscle. It is due to the fact that in the liver, lactic acid triggers the glucose and glycogen production.
• Against the common myth that lactic acid causes that dreadful pain in the muscles after a hard workout, it is actually the hydrogen ion that separates from the lactic acid and the muscle wear and tear that is responsible.
• Lactate is known to shuttle between cells to provide that extra energy needed by the body. Some known form of lactic acid supplements are known to provide athletes with a greater stamina to work out more.
• Lactic acid is required for metabolizing carbohydrates.