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PostHeaderIcon Identifying the signs of appendicitis

Symtoms of of appendicitis, health care tipsIdentifying the signs and symptoms of appendicitis is also a challenging thing to the doctor. There are hardly any specific symptoms pointing to appendicitis. It can even let you know its presence through some forms of illness which are not always taken care of properly. The doctors use the patient’s words to diagnose appendicitis. Mostly appendicitis is said to be accompanied by tremendous pain in the lower abdomen. Loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, abdominal bloating and moderate fever are also found to occur if an individual is suffering from appendicitis.

Normally a person having appendicitis in the very initial stage is found to have one or two of these said symptoms and that too at a much lower intensity. However if the pain increases tremendously, then it is better to consult a doctor and admit the patient to a hospital to avoid any sort of unwanted events.

PostHeaderIcon How to combat frequent fatigue

tips to prevent frequent fatigue, health tipsIf you feel tired and lazy all the time then the problem must probably be that you don’t get enough sleep. Make sure that your bedroom is nice, comfortably cool and dark at night. Have a good but light meal at night, take a warm shower and go to bed. Keep the room noise free and sleep early at a given time daily to set your biological clock right. If you still feel lethargic, fix your diet.

All the macro and micro nutrients should be taken along with 8 glasses of water and enough fiber. If you’re facing stress at work, try to solve it and don’t bring work home. Relationship problems should be also taken care of. Go for a nice evening walk to get some of that much needed fresh air. You could also use aromatherapy candles and reed diffusers to create a better mood at home.

PostHeaderIcon Staying hydrated during summers

Care during summer, health care tipsWe think a lot about our skin, hair, body shape and teeth. For that we eat well, think about all the macro and micronutrients, fire and fruits. But usually we tend to forget that water is one of the most important ingredients that our body needs in order to keep every part of it in a healthy state. So keeping ourselves hydrated especially in the summer months is very important.

We all know the importance of having 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. It keeps us hydrated and healthy all day long. If we go out it is always necessary to carry water with us so that even if we don’t feel thirsty we don’t dehydrate our system in any way. Stay away from coffee as much as you can because that will make us jitterier and make us lose nutrients faster. Instead, switch to lime juice and cucumbers to have a cool and hydrated summer.