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PostHeaderIcon How to treat exopthalemic goiter

Tips to treat exopthalemic goiter, cause of GoiterWhen the thyroid gland starts to swell it connotes Goiter. It is found mostly in women however men are also susceptible to it. It can be caused by dint of iodine deficiency or may be triggered by malignant tumour. The result of consuming a particular drug which doctors depression is also thought to be the cause of Goiter. However, in every case and for every individual the doctor should be the only person to be consulted and his guidance to be followed.

To advise any kind of treatment will not be a good act as it is the doctor who is capable for the same. However recent study has lead to the conclusion that there are several treatment available like:
1. Anti thyroid drugs, a) methimazole, b) carbimazole, c) propylthiouricil
2. Radioactive treatment
3. Thyroid surgery
4. Beta-blockers
5. Management of Grave’s ophthalmopathy

The first step in any treatment is correct diagnosis.

PostHeaderIcon Curing bile reflux

Tips to cure bile reflux,bile reflux treatmentIt is very common for people to overlook the illness of bile reflux. Others drop it in the same category as acid reflux. The symptoms of bile reflux are similar to the symptoms of heart burn but there are some key differences. The upper stomach will see an inflammation for bile acid. This may be caused at the time of pregnancy or due to body building. There can be various causes for bile reflux.

It is very important to go for proper treatments of bile reflux in good time as it may lead to other serious ailments. It is important that the problem is dealt with at a root level as if the condition deteriorates, it may become difficult to cure. Pump inhibitors are a popular solution for bile reflux. They cut off the production of acid. Most of the symptoms of bile reflux are eliminated by proton pump inhibitors. There are other treatments as well that are less expensive.

PostHeaderIcon Simple tips to avoid liver problems

Avoid liver problems, health care tipsThe key organ of detoxification is the liver. If detoxification does not take place properly one might suffer a number of problems like fatigue, headache, leaky gut, acne and one may always feel tired with loss of energy. Few precautions must be taken and practiced which might lead to better health.

1. Avoid processed food and artificial addictives: it is very well understood that the fast paced life that we live leaves no room other than the intake of processed food and addictives.

2. Skip and never drink alcohol: alcohol gives a considerable amount of stress to the liver. It encourages toxicity to a mountain high level.

3. Follow a fruit and green vegetable rich diet: These contain a wealth of nutrients and vitamins.

4. Drink water: consume plenty of water as water is best to flush out toxins from the body.

5. Intake fibre: fibre consumption reduces and kills constipation.

6. Reduce fatty meat: the liver works very hard to break down the fatty meats. Hence try alternatives vegetables in larger quantities.

These are few suggestions to keep the liver well. A doctor should be conducted as their advice is the best.

PostHeaderIcon How can a pacemaker help you?

Benefits of pacemakers, heart carePacemakers are mechanical devices that help to regulate the heart beats with virtually created electrical pulses. They are generally recommended in old age and to patients experiencing poor heart conditions. Our heart is regulated through electrical pulses that travel to the bottom, creating pressure to allow the oxygenated blood to free pass through the heart.

Pacemakers comprise of two components, a generator and a lead. The generator is designed to create virtual electrical currents, when connected to the battery, whereas the lead transports the pulse to the heart, to stimulate the muscles. Thus declining the irregularity of the heart beats. There are three pacemaker designs that act according to the crisis demand. Single chamber units have the ability to stimulate only one portion of the heart conversely the Dual Chambers stimulate at both ends. The Rate Responsive units are attached with a sensor that activates the pacemaker when crisis occurs, otherwise stays dormant.