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PostHeaderIcon Battling obesity at an early age

Causes for obesity, obesity  Obesity is the most unwanted charisma in bodily development that unknowingly attacks us. Obesity is not only an odd feature of human body but this is a catalyst for the arrival of life style diseases. Therefore, arresting obesity is a prime purpose for the contemporary generation.

At the very primary level, the sufferer is required to know about the cause of his or her over weight. There may be multiple causes. Thyroid, polycystic ovary, such diseases are responsible to bring fat in body. In such cases proper and perfect medications are required to go back to the early phase.

But sometimes extra fat comes, due to leading fast sedentary life. Consumption of fast food and beverages is responsible for unwanted fat. Therefore the sufferer must bring control over his or her daily life. Regular exercise, dietary control can arrest obesity at the beginning level. Visiting gym is also a suitable option for today’s busy life.obessity, if arrested at the beginning can be resurrected otherwise it can be led to a serious level, so be cautious and stop gaining extra weight.

PostHeaderIcon Iron rich food for you

Iron rich foods, healthy dietDo you want to consume iron rich food on a daily basis? Well then read this article and get information about the foods containing high iron contents. In our daily diet plan vegetables, meat, nuts, different kinds of soy products, fruits have huge amount of iron into it. On the other hand chicken liver, tofu, chick peas also contain high percentage of iron into it.

Apart from having these solid foods you should consider about having some drinks also that contain a good amount of iron in it. Orange or any other citrus fruit juice has good iron minerals into it, and therefore if you have a fruit drink on a daily basis you can good amount of iron in your body. But before providing the iron food to children or any young member of the family you should consult with the physician as it should be prescribed following the rules.

PostHeaderIcon How to cure a severe lower back pain

Tips to cure lower back pain , back pain treatmentIn this stressful world, the body takes a heavy toll and it is our responsibility to ensure that we take good care of our body. But there are times when the body breaks down due to excessive work load and it is more often than not the lower back that suffers the most. Now, a severe lower back pain is very excruciating but there are ways in which one can relieve themselves from this pain with or without the help of a physician. One of the major reasons for a back pain can be due to lifting loads.

Most often, the pain subsides after a while but sometimes, one can perform regular back exercises for certain duration of time and the pain disappears. People who sit and work in front of the computer for long hours at a stretch are most prone to lower back pain or spinal cord discomfort. The key here is to ensure that you allow body movement every couple of hours to prevent the body from getting stiff and in the worse case scenarios, taking pain killers to get rid of the back pain is also advised but one must not make it a habit.

PostHeaderIcon An overview on type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Facts about diabetes, diabetesDiabetes mellitus or just diabetes is a condition wherein a person develops high blood sugar because the body is not producing the right amount of insulin. Insulin is a kind of hormone created in the pancreas that allows cell in a body to absorb glucose and convert it into energy.

Diabetes is of several kinds, but the most common ones are Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is viewed as an auto immune disease and is triggered by the body’s failure to create insulin naturally. The person will need to inject insulin. Most of the times this occurs before 40 years of age and hence also known as childhood diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes comes from insulin resistance, described as a condition wherein the cells fail to use the insulin due to the body weight, fitness and lifestyle. Diabetics in this classification are usually older i.e our seniors are most affected due to this. There has been no specific cure invented yet but there is a little success in Type 1 DS with the transplantation of the pancreas. With Type 2 DM, gastric bypass surgery can be successful.

So, whenever it comes to your health you should not take any chances and if left untreated the complications of diabetics will lead to kidney failure, heart disease, etc.

PostHeaderIcon Importance of Hepatitis C diagnosis

Diagnosis of Hepatitis C, Hepatitis CThe process of identification of the virus of Hepatitis C can be based on the amplification of the strands of DNA. By this, one would be able to get an idea or an estimate of the NANB hepatitis agent, which is the most frequent. The first allowing of the ELISA that detects the antibodies of anti-HCV had a number of results that were falsely positive and there was a requirement of certain developments of assays that are more specific and sensitive so that the results can be confirmed.

It is important that the diagnosis of the virus of the hepatitis C be done in a proper fashion. The virus, if not attended can get severe and result in a fatal end. However, by proper diagnosis and thorough medication, the affects of the virus can be subdued and one can be completely recovered from the illness. Therefore, it is very important that the disease be treated well.