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PostHeaderIcon What is Omega Q Plus and what does it do to your heart

Omega Q PlusThere is good news for all those who are suffering from heart ailments or are just concerned about the well being of their heart. Omega Q Plus is a heart supplement designed by one of the leading doctors today that claims to provide you a lot of heart related and other benefits.

Here are some of the advantages of using Omega Q Plus:

1)     You get a strong and healthy heart. The risk of cardiovascular diseases is reduced and an all over good health of your heart is guaranteed.

2)     Omega Q Plus helps in reducing your blood pressure level and helps in maintaining it at its normal pressure.

3)     You retain your healthy, youthful skin and brain health is also increased.

4)     Omega Q Plus provides greater cellular and physical energy and helps you to get rid of exercise induced oxidative stress.

5)     Omega Q Plus also boosts your immune system.

PostHeaderIcon Is depression at all a real illness?

depression, care for depression In the recent era majority of the people are falling in to a state of depression due to various reasons. It is quite normal to feel down and lost sometimes as every one of us feel like that at some part of life but when you give yourself over to despair and get all negative thinking nothing will be ever right again then you are in a state of depression.

The symptoms of depressions are as follows: – if you are unable to concentrate and find the tasks which seemed to be easy to you are now getting difficult to solve. Another symptom is if you go on feeling helpless along with no ray of hope, in such a state where either you cannot eat a single bite or when you go on eating and cannot stop. Finding it hard to sleep? Going on having sleepless nights? These signs all points towards depression.

PostHeaderIcon How to prevent fungal infection on your feet

fungal infection ,Disorders & DiseasesFungal infection in feet is a problem that might work you up to 8-10 months even undergoing treatment. These fungal infections in toenails and feet are extremely contagious. Walking barefoot or sharing the same shower with an infected person might lead you to the same problem. It is better to prevent any kind of fungal infection than taking the painful time for it to clear.

  1. Clean your foot regularly. Wash thoroughly between the toe nails.
  2. Use sandals and flip-flops wherever possible. Even inside the house, wear slippers to keep your feet breathing and clean.
  3. Bleach the shower weekly and keep the bathroom doormat and rugs clean and dry as much as possible.
  4. Use anti-fungal powder or spray inside your shoe. If your feet sweat a lot, use anti-perspirant.
  5. Cut your toenails cleanly and cautiously, careful not to expose or cut the delicate skin under the nails.
  6. Put the shoes under sun once a week.

PostHeaderIcon Is surgery a way out of wrist arthritis?

wrist arthritis, wrist arthritis surgeryIn most cases, the doctors will suggest a treatment that is not surgical for arthritis in wrist. Surgery is considered only when the pain becomes excruciating and goes beyond control. The basic objective of the treatment is to help the patient manage the pain by the use of the wrist. You may be suggested some drugs that are anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal like ibuprofen and aspirin so that the pain and the swelling remain under control. There are some other treatments that include heating for controlling the pain.

Services of rehabilitation like occupational and physical therapies also play an effective role for the treatment of wrist arthritis. During activities, you may be given a special kind of a brace for supporting your wrist. Exercising of the wrist under expert supervision will help in improving the condition of your wrist. Therefore, there are a lot of options regarding wrist arthritis apart from a surgery.

PostHeaderIcon Cure common cold with common ingredients

cure common cold, coldThere is unfortunately no fixed way to get rid of the common cold fast. Most affected with the cold usually get rid of it in three to seven days of catching it. If you are adverse to the idea of taking medicine for your cold, then here is a list of the few things that you can do at home to relieve yourself from the cold:

1)     Take warm water baths. It will definitely help you feel better.

2)     Have spicy food. It will help clear your sinuses.

3)     Include Garlic in your diet. Garlic is known to have many medicinal values and known to boost the heart.

4)     Have Chicken Soup. Research has shown that chicken soup helps the body fight diseases with increased strength.

5)     Increase your intake of fruits, directly or in the form of juices. Juices help to keep your body hydrated and help you fight lethargy and stay alert.

6)     Take a Vitamin C supplement.