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PostHeaderIcon How to eat if you are obese

obesity, obesity controlObesity is one of the most common diseases of this present century but when you are obese then you have to give your diet a serious thought as your health gets badly affected if you start gaining weight being an obese if you don’t think sensibly. Before setting your diet plan you must consult with your doctor and become aware of the current condition of your body.

Getting aware about the metabolic rate and the amounts of fat or calories that you burn on a daily basis is an important criterion to know before deciding on your diet plan. But while having your food on a daily basis you must not keep on thinking about the amounts of calories you intake each time you have food but do not forget to curtail all the high fat and high calorie food from your diet chart. Having sugar free food should also be a concern.

PostHeaderIcon Symptoms of hypoglycemia

Symptoms of hypoglycemia, hypoglycemiaThe common term for hypoglycemia is diabetes. People who suffer from this dangerous ailment do not get to know about it easily. If you suffer from hypoglycemia, a fungus will start growing. Sufferers realize the presence of fungus only when they witness it on their skin or at the sides of their mouth. Sometimes fungus may build up internally too, not letting you know about the disease.

Some of the other common symptoms of hypoglycemia are hunger cravings, mental confusion, fatigue, allergies and hyperactivity. Sometimes people tend to urinate a lot too if they are suffering from diabetes. These common symptoms should not be neglected and a blood test should be carried out immediately to be sure whether you are suffering or not. You will then need to bring changes to your daily diet too. Joints and arteries getting inflated is another sign of hypoglycemia, and tests need to be done immediately thereafter.

PostHeaderIcon Top 5 preventable dental problems

Everyone has faced dental problems at least once in their life. Taking proper care of your teeth is important at all times. In order to avoid dental problems, there should be a proper knowledge about the top five preventable dental problems that we are usually affected with:


  1. Toothache: One of the most popular dental problems, toothache affects everyone, from the young to the old. Toothache can easily be avoided by brushing daily, and paying regular visits to the dentist.
  2. Bad Breath: Those with a consistent problem of bad breath can blame the bacteria and germs growing inside the mouth. Instead of hiding bad breath with mouth fresheners, start with brushing twice daily, regular flossing and visits to the dentist.
  3. Tooth Decay: Another common yet preventable dental problem, can be avoided if the teeth and gums are cleaned regularly.
  4. Bleeding Gums: gum problems are common and mostly due to ignorance of the person. Visit your dentist immediately if you have this problem.
  5. Mouth sores: Small sores inside the mouth are common and usually disappear in two weeks time. Have nutritious food in order to avoid them.