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PostHeaderIcon 5 effective healthy breakfast tips

If you wish to stay fit, healthy and energetic round the clock, you need to eat a healthy breakfast. You need to eat the right food items for your breakfast. The following are 5 useful tips for a healthy breakfast:


  1. Never try to skip your breakfast in order to lose weight. A healthy and a proper breakfast is a must to carry out the daily activities. Have food which is protein and vitamin rich for your breakfast.
  2. Always check the content of sugar in your food items which you have for breakfast. Cereals tend to have high percentage of sugar; avoid such cereals.
  3. Having fruits or fruit juices is a good option for breakfast, but in small quantities. Drinking lots of water is a good habit to maintain.
  4. Avoid fried food items and junk food for breakfast.
  5. Super-foods like banana, fat-free yoghurt, oats, eggs, etc. are good to have for breakfast.

PostHeaderIcon Effects of cold weather on asthma

A cold weather is really dangerous for the asthma patients and has been found to trigger attacks on almost every asthma patient each year. According to physicians, the asthma symptoms tend to worsen if the patient somehow catches cold and flu followed by continuous cough, sneezing, blockage of respiratory passage and fatal respiratory troubles.      No, wonder, the hospitals are overcrowded with asthma patients as soon as the winter sets in. Thus, all the asthma patients out there are always advised to stay warm during the cold season. Always carry your inhaler while going out or staying inside your home in the chilly months as this is the time when you can have an attack almost anytime.   Apart from carrying the inhaler, the asthma patients should take sufficient care to warm them up at this time of the year, as warned by the physicians. Keep your nose covered every time you go out so as to prevent the cold air from entering through the nostrils.

PostHeaderIcon Possible Causes Of Depression

In the fast paced lifestyle of today, depression has become a very common disease among humans. These days one can find many people affected by depression around us very easily. It can strike at any time of one’s life and it can come unexpectedly. The only difference between other diseases and depression is that in the latter there are no warning signs. This disease does not differentiate between the rich and the poor, the young and the old and so none are safe from it. It mainly happens due to lack of the optimum amount of Serotonin which balances out the brain. The real way to detect this disease is to find out the core reason behind it. Causes of depression can be ranging from one’s own life experiences to general experiences that we have in our own surroundings. If one is suffering from depression then one should get treated fast as it can lead to serious consequences if left untreated.

PostHeaderIcon Tips for looking younger

Before you even get to know it, aging starts reflecting on your looks. The wrinkled face, loss of energy all are the symbols of aging. You can fight aging by very simple and easy way. Looking younger is what all wants and to look young all you need to do is some hard work. To look young you do not need to go for a surgery or any treatment, it can be done easily from your home.

To look young the first task is to eat healthy food and exercise daily. By excursing you will be able to get rid of the extra fats of your body and thus removing the problem of looking older. The deep breathing exercise is the most prescribed exercise for the people suffering from this problem. Inhaling air will keep you fit from inside and you will look younger. Having green tea and anti aging supplements enhances your beauty and skin quality. So follow these proven tips to look young.

PostHeaderIcon What causes back pain while gardening?

Are you experiencing constant back pain? Well, if you are then you can attribute it to your hobby of gardening. Gardening involves the strenuous exercise of raking, digging up mud, sweeping and repainting the decking in your garden. All these activities can trigger back ache. Actually all these activities mentioned entails poor postures for a fairly long period of time. And you know that poor posture can lead to stabbing pain in the back.

Moreover, these activities involve transferring the hoe or the rake towards yourself constant twisting and lifting way from yourself which can cause tremendous lumber pain. A lot of people think that stopping lifting heavy objects during gardening serves as a solution to back pain but that is not the truth. The truth is that your body is not designed for unergonomic and repetitive movements that gardening involves. And considering that fact that you have to perform these movements for a fairly long time, suffering from back pain is common.

PostHeaderIcon Exercises to avoid during pregnancy

It’s not an easy task to carry a baby around for an about to be mom for 9 odd months. There are certain exercises that women in labor are required to do as prescribed by doctors; at the same time there are a lot of regular exercises that women should avoid during the time period of pregnancy.  Exercises like rides at the amusement park may have adverse effect on both the child and mother. Also, Cycling is not a good idea for new moms carrying babies. Exercises like basketball, soccer, volleyball, hockey etc. invites a lot of risk for women and her yet to be born baby during the time of pregnancy.

Also, gymnastics should strictly be avoided as well.  Even if you’re one of the most passionate and better riders around, you should keep away from horse riding during the pregnancy period. Other exercises to be avoided include scuba diving, snowboarding, surfing etc.

PostHeaderIcon Causes and remedy of low sexual desire in women

Having a low sexual desire is not very uncommon as it is found more in women than men. It can happen due to a variety of reasons; a hectic work life, fatigued after a long hard day and finally not having a time to feel the lust is one of the major problems in women. Also, relationship difficulties lead to low self esteem which at times keeps women away from even thinking about it. At the same time, women are supposed to be shy and a bit conservative when it comes to getting physical randomly as compared to that of men.

Physical and psychological factors or a combination of both leads to low sexual desire in women. A change in lifestyle for a certain period of time, getting off work or having a party to crash at might inhibit the urge of sexual desires in women. Although there are medicinal ways like the use of Viagra but it’s suggested that a women should allow herself to indulge in sexual willingness once in a while because after all lust comes naturally to all living beings.