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PostHeaderIcon Understanding Diplopia or double vision

To identify an object perfectly, eyes in general move in the same direction and at the same time. The captured signal then reaches the brain stem through several nerves. A damage or lesion in the brainstem can affect the coordination of eyes that in turn results in double vision. Double vision, also called as Diplopia is a medical state in which a single image appears as two images.

Acute illness, cancer, food poisoning, mental trauma, bad sleeping habits and eye strain are some of the causes of Diplopia. Consulting a specialist is the right way to deal with double vision. This medical condition is termed acute because it can lead to several other major problems like radiating headache and paralysis. Person affected by diplopia will not be able to read or write; drive a vehicle, or concentrate. Proper sleep, use of good eyeglasses,  contact eye exercises along with medications can help in treating double vision.

PostHeaderIcon Effectively treating chest cold

Chest cold is a medical condition that is caused due to the formation of mucus in the bronchial tubes. Chest cold, also called as acute bronchitis, is very much contagious. Early diagnosis of this condition is important to prevent it from spreading to others. Mild headache, tiredness, body pain, watery eyes and dry throat are some of the symptoms of chest cold.

Since, chest cold is considered contagious and acute, consulting a physician is important to stop its recurrence and further infection. Antibiotics are generally prescribed for bronchitis if it is in the mild stage. However, there are also some natural remedies available to treat chest cold. Use of apple cider vinegar to treat acute bronchitis is a widely accepted home based remedy. The concentration of apple cider vinegar can be reduced by adding some warm water to it. It acts as a natural antibiotic to treat mucus in the bronchial tubes.

PostHeaderIcon Herbal therapy for heart patients

Normal functioning of heart can be disturbed due to a combination of various factors like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes; fats in cells and depression. These factors either directly or indirectly contributes to heart diseases. Herbal therapies used to control heart diseases are extremely safe compared to pills and drugs.

Use of olive oil for cooking checks the cholesterol level as it contains no mono saturated fatty acids. Garlic either cooked or in supplements can act as a blood thinning agent and an excellent source of antioxidants. Adding two or three garlic flakes to the diet can protect our heart from diseases. Ginkgo biloba is another blood thinning agent that can help in improving overall circulation of blood to the heart. Onions that we use everyday has the ability to ease the path of coronary arteries by raising the High density lipoprotein. Soy, turmeric, ginger and green tea are few other herbs that supports healthy heart.

PostHeaderIcon Knowing various Glaucoma types

Glaucoma is a serious medical issue that can lead to permanent blindness if it is not properly. It is caused due to the injury in the optical nerve that is responsible for normal eye sight. There are several types of glaucoma exists with certain general conditions. Open angle glaucoma is a medical condition which occurs when this intraocular pressure level increases above a normal value. Consulting an expert eye specialist is the only solution to treat this glaucoma type.

Next is the angle closure glaucoma type in which the symptoms such as severe pain and nausea will start to appear suddenly creating extreme pressure in the angle of eye. Congenital glaucoma is the next most common type of glaucoma appears in infants and small children. First this condition starts like a normal problem in angle, and then it blocks the fluid drainage in the later stage. Secondary glaucoma, pigmentary glaucoma and steroid induced glaucoma are few other types to be mentioned.

PostHeaderIcon Effectively getting rid of diabetes

Diabetes in general can be divided into two types: Type 1 and Type 2. Identifying the type can be done by trained practitioners. Type 1 diabetes is more common among children and young people in their thirties, whereas type 2 is widely seen among people of age group greater than 40. Dehydration, excessive urination, low energy, sudden weight loss, confused state of mind and eye sight problem are some the major symptoms of both types of diabetes. Smoking and intake of alcohol increases the risks of diabetes and hence it should be avoided.

A good balanced diet is necessary for a diabetic to gain the lost energy through sweat and urine. It also helps in maintaining the sugar level of the body. Avoiding food items containing high carbohydrates; excess fat and calories; and physical activities such as walking, running, cardio workouts are some of the effective ways to treat diabetes. Regular check- ups also help in keeping diabetes under control.

PostHeaderIcon Workout mistakes that affect metabolism rate

Whenever a physical action is performed, we lose some energy in the form of calories. This process is termed metabolism and rate at which it loses refers to metabolism rate. Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) is one of the popular ways used to measure it.

Several factors control the rate of metabolism in our body and it changes from person to person. Though every workout is intended to increase the metabolism rate, few mistakes or improper planning can produce negative results. Here are some of the common workout mistakes that affect metabolism rate:

Performing workouts without eating food not only lowers the metabolism rate but also results in muscle loss. Next mistake is the repetition of a single workout for longer duration. This is because that the muscles gets used to the weight and procedures leading to low metabolism rate. Inconsistency, setting unrealistic goals and insufficient knowledge are few others factors that can affect metabolism rate.

PostHeaderIcon Tackling high blood pressure with home remedies

When it comes to tackling high blood pressure, apart from medications, there are plenty of widely accepted home remedies available. Though these remedies are not scientifically proven, it is claimed that they are very effective. It is quite strange, but true that high blood pressure can be kept in control through the food we intake.

Avoiding food items that contain excess amount of sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fats can help in keeping the pressure level under control. Planning the diet for whole week and sticking to that plan is the first step to be taken while tacking high blood pressure. This diet should include foods that are rich in potassium, magnesium and antioxidants. Potato, banana, corn, dry fruits, green leafy vegetables, skimmed milk, fish and wheat are some of the best sources of potassium and magnesium. Practicing meditation and yoga regularly at home can also help in controlling high blood pressure.

PostHeaderIcon Effectively curing styes of eye

Stye is an eye infection caused by a bacterium named staphylococcus. Though this infection affects people of all ages, children and infants are more vulnerable. Styes usually last for few days and disappear by themselves. However, it is advised to consult a physician to avoid further recurrences. It usually starts as a small red, swollen structure in the margin of the eyelid and grows into a bump or pimple like structure in the later stage.

Itching eyelids, sensitivity to light, irritation, redness, watery eyes, and unclear vision are some of the symptoms of stye. Eye drops prescribed by physician is the best solution to stop styes from being contagious. However using some widely accepted home remedies such as using of warm tea bags, turmeric water and grated potato is always a handy option. To cure using tea bags, first boil some water in a vessel then dig the tea bag into it for 2 minutes. Remove it from the dip and place the warm tea bag over the infection to get rid of a stye.