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PostHeaderIcon What are the reasons for artery clogging?

The Cholesterol accumulation in the arteries start generally from early teenage and it silently progresses by causing incidents of strokes, blood clotting, arterial illness and eventually death. This buildup starts upon consuming a diet rich in fat and lacking in fruits and vegetables. Smoking, excessive drinking, not habitually doing regular physical exercises, developing obesity especially around the tummy, high blood sugar, more stress, high blood pressure are some of the common causes that contribute to plaque buildup and consequently artery clogging. The clogging blocks or decelerates the blood flow leading to potentially severe consequences.

Deficiency of Vitamin C actually triggers the process of clogging which is termed as subclinical scurvy. Arteries develop minute cracks in them when body lacks sufficient amount of Vitamin C. Cholesterol sediment is applied naturally by body mechanism to patch the cracks and prevent internal bleeding. The gradual piling up of cholesterol over arteries hardens with time and forms clogged arteries.

PostHeaderIcon Things to know about reconstructive dental surgery

Reconstructive dental surgery aims to rebuild or rectify the teeth, jaws and gum. Each part individually can be addressed as well as a complete reconstruction of the whole mouth involving all three can also be brought about. It is applicable generally for tooth which has suffered breakage due to an accident. It also works fine to set right the improper teeth development in child resulting from genetic deficiencies.

Reconstructive dental surgery differs from cosmetic surgery which aims at giving the mouth a better look while the former is carried out of necessity.Reconstructive dental surgery is generally covered under health insurance as it arises out of unpredictable circumstances. Reconstructive dental surgery is carried out consciously on patients under the effect of sedation. Reconstructive dental surgery falls under four categories namely endodontic, prosthodontic, orthodontic and periodontic each addressing a separate region of mouth. Emerging 3D image slicing techniques have tremendously helped in circumventing existing problems.