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PostHeaderIcon Benefits of eating cauliflower

Cauliflower, a blooming vegetable when eaten commingled with carrots and broccoli sort of vegetables provides phyto chemicals that are paramount for the body to retain the healthy status.Cauliflower belongs to the white’ family of fruits and vegetables falling in the same category as with bananas mushrooms etc natural foods.

Cauliflower has allicin which boosts the health of heart and cuts down the risk of strokes. It also carries selenium which works in coordination with Vitamin C to fortify the immune system. Cauliflower assists in maintaining a safe cholesterol level in the body.

Cell growth and replication finds a boost from Folate, a Vitamin B variant found in cauliflower. Pregnant mothers should consume significant quantity of cauliflower to promote healthy development of the fetus.

Cauliflower provides fiber which improves colon health and may avert cancer. Like various cruciferous vegetables, cauliflower also has indole-3-carbinol, a chemical that significantly affects estrogen metabolism and stops breast and other cancers from occurring in females.