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PostHeaderIcon Blocked arteries: What to Know

If there is difference of around 20 to 40 mm of mercury (mm Hg) in the reading of blood pressure of your right and left arm then it’s a case of blocked artery. The ideal difference in the blood pressure of both the arms should be 11 mm Hg. The main cause of blocking of arteries in any person’s body is due to accumulation of fats, cholesterol and calcium in excess amount. The accumulation of these unwanted elements in body is mainly due to poor diet and unhealthy food. Smoking has adverse effects and it leads to blocked arteries very soon.

A person has to change his way of living including the diet and regular exercise if he is a victim of blocked arteries. Balanced diet is very important for everyone so it is suggested to go for a food that contains least cholesterol. For the removal of blocked arteries most important thing is removal of fats from body.

PostHeaderIcon Cauliflowers and their wonderful effects on your body

The best advantage of eating cauliflower is it leads to a healthy heart as it contains allicin so the chances of heart strokes reduce a lot. It also improves the immune system to a great extent due to the presence of selenium which works well with vitamin c. Cauliflower is also helpful as it maintains cholesterol in an exact proportion. Vitamin B is very important for growth and replication of cells which is fulfilled by cauliflower.

Eating cauliflower is very beneficial for pregnant women as it helps the unborn baby to grow and develop properly. Cauliflower contains a great amount of fibre which helps to prevent cancer and improves colon health. It serves as the best medicine to prevent breast and other cancer related to women as it contains a substance indole-3-carbinol which affects the metabolism of estrogens in body. Consumption of cauliflower is also beneficial for the patients of arthritis, asthma, constipation, high blood pressure and kidney and bladder disorders.

PostHeaderIcon Things to know about Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Surgery which is done to improve the appearance and beauty of a person’s teeth is recognised as Cosmetic dental surgery. Cosmetic dental surgery includes implantation of missing teeth, teeth whitening, reshaping of teeth, bridging and bonding of teeth. People go for teeth whitening to have a graceful smile and also it reduces staining and discoloration. Teeth bonding include reshaping of teeth, filling the gaps between teeth and removal of any tooth decay.

To get rid of any type of gum disease and improvement in speech dental bridging is an option which is included in cosmetic dental surgery. However after going for teeth bridging extensive care should be taken for oral hygiene. Tooth contouring is also a part of cosmetic dental surgery which helps in repairing of cracked or chipped teeth. Dental filling is more common and popular type of cosmetic dental surgery. It involves removal of cavities from teeth and filling them with some composite materials like resins. Usually preferred and most commonly used fillings include metal fillings like gold, silver and mercury.