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PostHeaderIcon What is Reconstructive Dental Surgery?

The process of reconstructing teeth, gum, jaw or a combination of any of these into the mouth of any common person is known as Reconstructive dental surgery. The need for reconstructive dental surgery arises if someone looses their teeth, gums or jaws as a result of an accident or due to heredity. Though reconstructive dental surgery results in poor oral hygiene but it is very essential for a person who finds difficult to speak and chewing due to some disorder or injury in mouth, or those who lost their teeth.

Some other problems which leads people to go for reconstructive dental surgery are overcrowding, jaw injuries, temporomandibular joint (TMJ).Dentists create new teeth with some different compound materials. To protect the normal functioning teeth from other damaged ones, reconstructive dental surgery is chosen. For repairing and rebuilding of the bridges and to implant teeth where they are missing reconstructive dental surgery is suggested.