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PostHeaderIcon Reconstructive dental surgery

Reconstructive dental surgery is the process of rebuilding or rectifying the teeth, gum or jaw. A combination of any two of these or a full reconstruction of the entire mouth (combining all the three areas) is also possible.

Reconstructive dental surgery is mostly done in order to rebuild tooth in case it has accidentally got broken off. At times there is improper development of teeth in a child due to hereditary deficiencies. In such cases also, reconstructive dental surgery may work wonders.

Reconstructive dental surgery is not the same as dental cosmetic surgery. The main difference lies in the fact that cosmetic surgery is done for making the mouth look better but reconstructive dental surgery is done out of necessity, and that is the reason for which it is covered under health insurance but cosmetic surgery is not. Moreover, unlike cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery is done under conscious sedation.

PostHeaderIcon What are Allergy Mites?

Mites belong to the family of spiders and ticks. They are present in every household although most people never suspect this presence. Mites usually thrive in places such as the bed mattress, bed liens, pillow covers, and curtains etc. they basically feed on dead skin and leftover food and are especially fond of moisture laden places.Mites are basically harmless to the human body.

However, they may cause allergies to sensitive people. The most common allergies caused are swelling, red- skin, skin eruptions, and a running nose. Mites reproduce at a very fast rate. New generation comes into existence almost every three weeks. And therefore, it is important to regularly dust your house. However, if you are dusting your mattress, linen, etc in order to get rid of these allergy mites then make sure to stay away from the respective rooms up to at least twenty minutes after dusting.