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PostHeaderIcon Bird flu – is there an effective treatment

Bird flu in terms of medical science is known as H5N1 virus. This is a unique kind of virus that can infect both humans as well as animals. Research has shown that if a bird gets infected with this kind of viral, it rapidly spreads amongst the other birds creating an epidemic. Eventually, the humans too get infected by bird flu. Since 2008, as many as 11 cases of bird flu epidemic have been reported worldwide.

Though there is no full proof medication available in the market, which can combat the deadly viral H5N1, oseltamivir also known as tamiflu is known to be the most effective treatment for Bird flu. Tamiflu is known to ensure that the virus does not spread across the body of the infected.

Scientists from all over the world are busy trying to invent an effective vaccine that will help to cure and prevent bird flu break outs.

PostHeaderIcon Can Vitamin D Help Prevent H1N1 Swine Flu from Spreading?

H1NI is the medical term for bird flu. Though as the name rightly suggests, this kind of virus is mainly found in birds, it is like an epidemic and spreads through the flock to the humans. People who come in contact with the infected birds get infected and in turn become bearers of this virus. As a result, they then spread this virus to others and so on..

It has been found that there are certain useful elements found in Vitamin D that successfully help in preventing H1N1 swine flu from spreading. Till the time scientists come out with vaccines to prevent swine flu, this is the best mode of prevention.Cathelicidin is an antibacterial peptide that helps to prevent diseases targeting the respiratory tract. This antibacterial peptide is produced by vitamin D and hence helps to prevent H1N1 swine flu from spreading.
However, it is wise to consult a doctor before popping any pill.