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PostHeaderIcon Lemons for Asthma Attacks

Thanks to the increase in pollution level, many people are suffering from asthma. Though, there are no full proof methods to ensure that one gets rid of asthma. There are certain home remedies that are known to have miraculous effect on asthma patients. Research has correctly pointed out that including lemon in one’s daily diet will help one to get rid of asthma attack.

For the first two days, an asthma patient should only have lemon water and no other food item. To ensure that one gets maximum benefit from this treatment, try and have lemon juice with distilled warm water. After the two day starve, once the body gets used to the lemon juice, have the same concoction half an hour before breakfast. In order to get maximum benefit, you can also include teaspoons of manganese powder.

Start having this mixture on a daily basis and over a period of time, you will notice that your asthma attacks have reduced considerably.

PostHeaderIcon Managing Food Intolerances

Every individual has a separate kind of digestive system. As a result not all food groups suit everyone. While, you will find some people who love to drink milk, others seem to suffer from lactic intolerance. Food intolerance is an extremely common phenomenon. Each one of us is allergic or intolerant towards certain food groups. The problem is that not always are we aware of these food groups.

Here are a few simple ways that will help you to manage food intolerances:
– Make a note of all those food items that have made you feel unwell, so that they can be avoided in future.
– Drink plenty of fluids. This is a great way to flush out those food elements that does not suit your system.
– Pay for an allergy or food intolerance test to understand which food groups suit you and which do not.
The key is to understand your system and choose your food accordingly.

PostHeaderIcon Controlling Mold with Common Sense and Common Cleanliness

Almost 5 out of 8 houses in United States of America are infected with molds. Not only are these molds hazardous for health, but also bad for your furniture. Children and adults suffering from asthma are the worst affected by molds. Presence of molds in their surrounding makes them prone to acute asthma attack. However just a little bit of common sense and common cleanliness, is enough to help you get rid of these molds.

Molds are known to breed on moist surfaces. The idea is to ensure that there are no damp areas in your house. Moreover, it is important to get rid of molds at the early stages itself .No sooner, do you see their presence at home, use a scrubber and detergent to get rid of them. If your house is badly infected with molds, then it is wise to seek professional help. There are many pest control services that also help you to get rid of molds.

PostHeaderIcon Natural solutions for skin defects

Human beings share the planet with millions of other species. Many of those inadvertently create wise solutions for human problems. Honey, created by bees, is a known purveyor of energy and therapeutic use. Scientists keep on looking and creating natural solutions for human problems; external or internal.

Clay treatment and use of fuller’s earth are quite popular natural ways of ensuring skin glow. Certain fruit juices like lemon and tomato are also useful owing to their acidic content. Abstaining from food once in a week and keeping a healthy regimen helps a lot.

Acai berry, blueberry and grapes are known for their detoxifying nature. They resultantly rejuvenate skin follicles. Some people also use milk for whitening. Certain herbal mixtures go a long way in giving litmus to the skin.

Oils of certain fishes and seeds are extremely beneficial for liver and skin. Food rich in omega-3 fatty acid also generates youth and thus shine.

PostHeaderIcon What is bruxism?

How many times, have you noticed your child grind his teeth or clench them together in anger? Most of the times, parents ignore such acts. Little do they realize that this is just a symptom of bruxism. Most children are known to grind or clench teeth when in sleep or when under stress. As parents, we often overlook such ailments thinking that these are temporary ailments. Research has shown that 9 out of every 10 child suffer from bruxism due to their top and bottom set of teeth not being aligned properly.

If not treated at the right time, regular clenching and grinding of teeth may lead to damage your child’s teeth forever. The enamel coating may get eroded or a tooth may get chipped. It is best to consult a doctor immediately to ensure that no long term damage is caused to your little one’s set of precious teeth.

PostHeaderIcon Aftermath of 9/11 toxins

9/11 has left a mark on human memory in more than one way. The disaster of 9/11, does not end with those thousands of people losing their life. With the attack on the World trade Centre came a new disease called Mesothelioma. This is an acute form of lung cancer that has claimed many innocents. Primary investigation shows, that this form of lethal lung cancer is caused by coming in contact with asbestos.

After the fall of the World Trade centre, while the government was engrossed with those who had lost their life, the threat of toxins being released in the air was overlooked. Various kinds of toxic elements, especially asbestos dust from the crumbled building were released in the air.

The worst fact about Mesothelioma, is that one need not be exposed to asbestos dust for a long time. Inhaling asbestos dust once is enough to trigger this fatal condition in your body.

PostHeaderIcon Overuse of Antibiotics

Antibiotics can easily be termed as a life saviour in medical history. Thanks to these antibiotics, in numerous diseases have been cured worldwide. Though, antibiotics are a boon in many ways, over use of anything is bad for health. Today’s generation is overly dependent on antibiotics. No sooner, do they face any discomfort, they pop in a pill to ease their pain.

Thanks to the overuse of antibiotics, the effect of this medication on our body has reduced considerably. Antibiotics are known to attack the bacteria in our body and help us recover. The problem with overuse of antibiotics is that, these very bacteria that are supposed to be kept at bay with the help of antibiotics, have developed resistant powers and are not affected by them anymore.
One should understand that antibiotics are targeted towards bacteria and not viruses. Hence, popping an antibiotic pill in case of a viral is certainly not a wise decision.

PostHeaderIcon Ingrown Toenail Cure

Ingrown toenails can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. There are different cures for this condition, but for you to completely treat it you need to know the exact cause of the problem. Ingrown toenails are caused by genetic factors, injuries, wearing shoes that are too tight or improper cutting of toe nails. The most basic cure to ingrown toenails is to wear open shoes, such as sandals. Your closed shoes should be a perfect fit.

You should also cut your toenails properly. Your toenails are supposed to be a little longer than your toe tips. You should not cut hem any lower as doing so will only make your ingrown toenail problem worse. You should also trim them straight across rather than in a curved shape. A curved cut will make your nails to grow into your skin. Another cure involves putting fresh cotton under your ingrown toenail after a soak.

PostHeaderIcon Avoiding And Treating Wasp Stings

Wasp stings can be very painful, but they are easy to treat. The first thing hat you should do is to wash the affected area with mild soap and warm water. After that, you should apply a cold compress to the stung area for about ten minutes. If you still feel some itchiness or burning sensation, you should apply some camomile lotion or anti-histamine to sooth the irritation.

If you want to avoid being stung by wasps, you should not go picnicking during the autumn period in places where the wasps are likely to occur. If a wasp comes near you, you should remain calm. If you are frantic, you can provoke the wasp to sting you. If you live in a wasp-prone area, you should apply repellants that will keep the wasps away. You should also avoid wearing perfume that is too strong as this will only attract wasps.

PostHeaderIcon Eating To Eliminate Water Retention Bloating

Fluid retention bloating is a problem that many people suffer from, especially women. There are many ways to contain this problem, and one of the most effective is through proper eating. As much as it is important to ensure that you have included all the nutrients that you can get in your daily diet, there are some types of nutrients that can cause fluid retention in the stomach if taken in large amounts.

One of these nutrients is sodium. Most people take sodium in salt. If you know that you have a problem dealing with bloating that is caused by fluid retention, it is important to avoid taking too much salt in your food. Dehydration can also lead to fluid retention in your body. Make sure that you take as much water as possible in order to avoid bloating. Eating foods with diuretic components can also help you deal with water retention bloating.