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PostHeaderIcon Gastroenteritis in Children

Gastroenteritis is a disease that is common in both children and adults. However, children are more prone to this because their stomach lining is not strong enough to handle some of the food. Symptoms of Gastroenteritis include diarrhea which may contain mucus or blood or it may be frothy, watery or greasy. Your child may also have nausea and he even vomits.

Other symptoms of gastroenteritis include bloating, tummy cramps or pain, and fever. If you see any of the above symptoms in your child it is advisable that you take him/her to the doctor as soon as possible. Most children who suffer gastroenteritis recover within a week but if there is severe infection, the illness may even persist for weeks. In older children, gastroenteritis symptoms can be confused with other symptoms such as the ones that cause irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s condition.